Will You Help Me Find the Sister I’ve Never Had?

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Last night I received a message from my Mississippi sister.  She asked that I consider sharing the following video/story to hopefully assist in her friend  finding her own sister.  I am sharing this post today for MY sister, and her friend, Kim, AND for Kim’s sister.  Any reposting would be greatly appreciated. ♥

Kim’s Story

Kim’s Sister Search (Click this link to view Kim’s video story, below is the transcript of their emotional journey)

My name is Kim and I’d like to share my story with you.

I spent a majority of my life wishing I had a sibling…A sister to call a best friend or a brother to annoy.  Then, when I was eleven years old, my mom and her boyfriend got pregnant!  I couldn’t stop counting down the days until I was to meet my baby brother or sister.  My wish and my hope were crushed when my mom told everyone she lost the baby at birth due to a hole in the heart. Years passed…my heart mourned and eventually my heart slowly healed, though it’s never healed 100 per cent.  Then one night during casual conversation, my mom accidentally mentioned my sister in the present tense?!?!?

I began hounding her with questions.  After hours of yelling, crying …of anger and confusion…The truth finally came out.  She had lied…my sister was born alive and well on October 8, 1998.

Geri Lynn was born at 11:09 at the MED in Memphis, Tenn.  She weighed 5 lb 5 oz and was 19 inches long.  She had black hair and blue eyes at birth. My mom also told me that Geri Lynn was given up without an agency. Her new parents, Rhonda and Glenn, traveled from Long Island, New York for her.

The parents who adopted her had placed an ad in the commercial appeal.  After my mom contacted them, a Memphis lawyer was used.  Our moms’ name is Cheryl Lynn Hopper (Vasser)  The father’s name was Jerry Glenn Vasser.

I was also able to get two very important pieces of info from mom…A single baby pic and her original SSN.  (PIC ON VIDEO)

For years I’ve been too scared to start my search, but now is the time.  I’m turning to social media for help.

Will you help me find the sister I’ve never had?  Will you help me find that indescribable bond that my heart continues to yearn for?

Thank you!

Follow Kim’s search or contact her with helpful info and encouragement at https://www.facebook.com/kimssistersearch,  Email is Kimssistersearch@gmail.com.

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2 Responses to Will You Help Me Find the Sister I’ve Never Had?

  1. I shared her fb page on my fb page! I hope she finds her sister. ❤
    Diana xo

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