Along the Way ~ Descriptions

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Years ago I worked at a Savings and Loan. That’s like a bank, for you young-ens. We talked often about being prepared in the event of a robbery, practicing descriptions ~ height/weight, scars, tattoos, etc. Just in case.

Now let’s fast forward about 26 years. Hubby and I were driving the two hours home from seeing our Grands a few weeks ago, when my husband told me to get my camera ready. What he thought was a deer running along the busy four lane highway, turned out to be a calf. Forgetting the camera, we became concerned about the safety of the other automobiles AND the calf. We turned off the highway to a country road as I called the highway patrol and my husband kept an eye on the calf. Highway Patrol ~ What’s your emergency? Me ~ I’m at Highway 412 and the Golf Club road East of town. There’s a calf running along the highway and we don’t want it hit or anyone hurt. Them ~ Let me transfer you… Next person… What’s your emergency? Me ~ repeating the location and scenario. Them ~ Can you give me a description? Me ~A description?  Of the cow? Them ~ YES. Me, turning to my hubby, How do I describe this cow? Ummm. Brown. A calf, but a big calf. 200-300 pounds? Them ~ any special markings? At this point  I would have really laughed had it not been for the seriousness of the matter. Hubby told me to tell them it had white markings….AND IT WAS THE ONLY COW OUTSIDE THE FENCE running along the highway! They took my name and phone number and that was it. We watched and waited for a while.  The calf had quit running and was staying close to the fence, so we headed on toward our town, hoping and praying for the best.

We may be going to see the kids again this weekend.  And I may throw a rope in the back of the truck.  Just in case.

Be nice to people.  You never know what they may be dealing with today. ♥ 

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9 Responses to Along the Way ~ Descriptions

  1. Rhonda says:

    Hahaha…sometimes you’ve gotta wonder eh? This is one of those memories you guys will laugh about in your old age. And aren’t you lovin’ those babies?

  2. So what colour were its eyes…? haha 😉
    Diana xo

  3. pieterk515 says:

    It gives new meaning to the concept of stating the obvious.

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