The Very Hungry Hornworm

tomato hornworm

While I was away for a few days, a couple of tomato hornworms came to visit.  It’s always the same.  Something appears to be missing. like all the leaves on a plant! You see a bunch of okra seed underneath the now bare plant.  it’s not okra, it’s poop! You realize you have uninvited guests. I do hope they don’t come back!  I did not know the devil horned critters liked jalapeno peppers!

So what creepy visitors have you fed this season?

Happy Friday.  And be nice to people….even though it’s not always so easy.

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5 Responses to The Very Hungry Hornworm

  1. Grasshoppers are brutal. They seem immune to everything I’ve tried.

    • We have not been invaded this year. ….dare I say YET? My boys used to love catching them for fishing bait. Maybe you could post a sign….bait shop?

      • Perhaps I should. Would you believe a huge grasshopper, one bigger than I’d ever seen, settled on my gardening shears of his own free will. I’m talking about the part of the shears where all I had to do was close them and he would be toast. He had to be 4 inches long. I wish I’d had a camera – by the time I’d gathered my wits he’d moved on to another leaf but I located him and well – you know the rest of the story.

  2. Well, not small, and not creepy, but the wild turkeys around here are eating up any bird seed they can find on the ground (and explored our garden, but don’t seem to like veggies, thank goodness). Most annoying are the woodpeckers, who weigh down the hummingbird feeder. They don’t want the sugar water – they want the ants floating IN the sugar water!

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