Happy Birthday Sister!

Someone very special is turning fifty-something today! Happy Birthday, Renae! I know you didn’t have a choice, but I’m glad you are my sister, and even happier you are my friend!





Everybody Eat Cake! In honor of big sister’s birthday and the blog’s birthday! CHEERS! 

(Posted from my phone….hope this works!)

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12 Responses to Happy Birthday Sister!

  1. I hope Renae has a fantastic birthday and many congrats on the blog birthday, too. I love cake!

  2. Nice post. Love the old-time photos.Happy birthday, Renae.

  3. Happy Birthday Renae! ❤
    Diana xo

  4. Rhonda says:

    Happy Birthday Renae and Happy Blog Birthday Paula! Beautiful picture of the two of you…you could be sisters!!! 😉

  5. Deb Currier says:

    You and your sister look incredibly like each other! I bet you’ve heard that before! Beautiful!

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