A Rerun of Love ~ 52 Reasons

Happy Day to all! Project “Grateful”…..be nice to others~

stuff i tell my sister

valentin 002

I have shared this post before…..and here goes again.  A gift from the heart that is a meaningful and fun project.  By the way….it does not need to be just for Valentine’s Day.  Have a great day and Be nice to people! ♥

valentin 006A while back I stumbled across a cute idea on www.pinterest.com and made a mental note, “I am going to do this for my hubby.” I bought a deck of cards and jumped on my computer to make my list of “52 Random Reminders of Why I Love You”. (Am I the only one who thinks this resembles a ransom note?) When I  started, I was a little slow, honestly. But after about  number ten, I became lost in my list and was having to do trade-outs to keep the number at 52! I still keep thinking of things I missed at the time and know I could easily…

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