From My Heart ~

A reminder to myself to not judge……. and to be kind to others……cause we don’t know what they might be dealing with today.

stuff i tell my sister

 It was a gorgeous sunshiny and very windy day in Joplin, had I stopped to notice.  But I didn’t slow down as I was in hurry mode that afternoon. I had a check off list with many “to do’s” still left undone.  Across town I ran into my realtor’s office to drop off what I hoped to be the last of extensive paperwork before finally selling our house.  You see, I had been living in this ninety year old house of our dreams, alone. Now having dealt with open houses, realtors, criticism, frozen pipes and a tree branch that crashed through the front porch, the dream was long gone. It just HAD to sell this time.  My husband had been forced to move on to start his new career in Oklahoma where he was living in a hotel.  The entire situation was growing older with each day and I’m afraid…

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2 Responses to From My Heart ~

  1. Often we don’t know the whys and whens, but it’s amazing how most things, whether bad or good, happen when they should. Hugs. ❤
    Diana xo

  2. Aishwarya says:

    I like your blog so much…the conversational articles are always my favourite! 🙂 Do drop by my blog for some light hearted reads inspired by my calm and crazy life 😀 Cheers

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