The 10 reasons being a twin mum rocks!

As the G-Ma of twin baby girls….this is an awesome read! My daughter-in-love is definitely SUPER MOM! (And daddy is terrific as well) Love my girls! #girlcrush

Heathfield House

Those who have read my blog before will know that I have openly written about the challenges and stresses of motherhood, I think it’s important to share not only the good but the difficult side of being a mum too because for many that is the reality and one that we sometimes feel embarrassed to discuss. Being a mum is the most elating, all-consuming, wonderful and fulfilling job, experience, whatever you want to label it but it also pushes you at times to within an inch of your sanity.

Twin mums are no different and as much as we hate it when people say it to us the old adage ‘double trouble’ is at times true, every twin mum reading this will know just how stressful it can be when you have not one but two children kicking off in the middle of the supermarket or crying all night long…

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