Happy Birthday to My Sister……..

This blog has been waiting in the wings, forever ~  But what better day to finally launch, “STUFF I TELL MY SISTER”, than on my sister’s birthday!  My sister and I have been living in different states for more years than I’d like to recall. She’s lived in Penn, Michigan, Kansas, Oklahoma & Mississippi.  I’ve lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas & Missouri.  But even though the miles have separated us…that does not mean we are not still close!  Stuff I Tell My Sister is about that very thing.  All those things that happen in your life that you want to call, message, text and e-mail about….you still do…even states apart.

That’s this blog in a nutshell!  It may be about a great book, movie, recipe, product, photo or just about some stupid jerk that almost ran over me in a parking lot….but it’s stuff I would share with her….and now, if you’ll “like” me, I will share it with you, too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RENAE!!!!  And Happy Day to all and any new sisters or brothers who are willing to join us!

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7 Responses to Happy Birthday to My Sister……..

  1. renae says:

    This is great! Can’t wait to see all the information everyone has to share……AND I agree…..this is the perfect day to laucnh your sight. I’ll be nice on here…..at least for now =) your sister

  2. Congratulations on hatching your new blog baby on your sister’s b-day! See-star relationships are extraordinarily cool.

  3. It will be a slow go….but I’ve had such a great time watching YOUR baby, Red Dirt Chronicles, grow….I thought it was time to finally stick my toe in the water. Thanks, friend ~

  4. I’m thinking IF you two lived near each other, this blog would not have come to be. So this is a very cool and nice way to share with the rest of us who have come to like, love and care about both of you. Two special women sharing thoughts, experiences, barbs, laughs, photos – thanks for the ride! Good luck and let the fun begin!!! : )

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