Should Have Your Problem Fixed

I find myself staring at a blank page this morning.  My head is usually so full of things I want to say that I get ahead of myself, but today, I got “nuttin”.  SOOOOOO….I will share a quick little story of 29.5 years ago.  When my husband married me, I already had a house in SW Oklahoma City.  It was the perfect little house for a newly married couple.  We started noticing one day, that our electricity was flickering off and on, and then noticed that the more the wind blew (which is A LOT in Oklahoma) the more “off and on” power we were getting.  I called OG&E, described the problem, and they said they would send someone out to check it.  A couple of days later when I got home from work, I found a note on front door from the OG&E man.  This is exactly how it read, “SHOULD HAVE YOUR PROBLEM FIXED.”  I immediately went into panic mode.  Great, with not a lot of money in savings, who knew what an electrician would charge to come out, let alone fix it!  I showed  Marvin the note when he got home and then one of us (it’s been 30 years, I can’t recall EVERY detail!) called my dad to ask about his electrician.  A day or so later, David Henry the electrician, made a trip to our house.  He said everything checked out perfectly and wanted to see the note that OG&E had left.  We read it again, “Should have your problem fixed.”  We looked at each other and then got a HUGE chuckle out of the fact that the guy meant “HE” had taken care of the problem.  ONE word made all the difference in panic, expense and a lot of trouble.  Unfortunately, it also showed that we were glass half empty people instead of glass half full!

This has come up in conversation many times over the years and it was a very impressive lesson, especially for a newly married couple.  But I will leave you to ponder on this now…..on my blank page morning….ONE WORD.  One negative word you might speak or write can send someone’s life into a spiraling crash.  On the other hand, that one “positive” word could change their life forever and a day.  Choose.

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3 Responses to Should Have Your Problem Fixed

  1. renae says:

    I had to go back and read this again….”.should have your problem fixed”….to me meant he had taken care of it. Here I was wondering why Henry came out…..funny the way things can be phrased and read to mean different things to folks. Very good point to keep in mind the way our words effect someones life, but on the other hand we must learn to be strong and ask questions when things are unclear to us to avoid miscommunication. Live and Learn!

  2. You always were the POSITIVE sister! Of course you would read it right! ha! I am still living and STILL learning! You need to share your story one day soon, of living in that little house when your attic friend was discovered!

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