Favorite Things ~ Exercise?

Does anyone really enjoy exercise?    If you look on my Facebook info, I say I do.  But it really is a lot of pain and work and you have to be consistent.  How is this fun?  I think it’s the results of the workout that we appreciate.  I don’t mind going for a walk, and before my icky knee, I got a real rush from running.  I  don’t do well in a gym setting.  I have horrid flashbacks from my college membership days with my girlfriends.  Yep….I passed out the very first go round on some weight machine.  Fast forward twenty years…I went to Curves for my trial membership , I passed out my first go round.  Talk about embarrassing!!! (and yet I tell you!)  My boys were raised with me doing my daily Richard Simmons workout.  It opened with a big FOOD scene that they STILL laugh about. Later it was Beach Body.  Somewhere in there, Windsor Pilates and Walk Away the Pounds.  My husband sold my treadmill stating “low mileage” in the ad.  It sold for what we paid for it.  I have given away an exercise bike with each & every move we’ve made.  Did I mention the blow up exercise ball…I was rolling all over the place.  I never did find that “core” thing they mentioned to keep me balanced.  I cannot even imagine how Zumba and I would get along!  Death by Zumba, probably.  I have a yoga dvd to get rid of now and a Tony Little’s  Gazelle Elite machine, and then there’s the SHAKE WEIGHT!  Enough (!) you say!  We get it!

Now let me tell you what  I did find that I like. It does not require a lot of time AND you get results.  (OH my GOSH…this sounds like an infomercial!!!)  First, Danksin Now Kettlebell with dvd.  LOVE IT!  I started out with the smaller weight,  then moved to the 10 lb weight.  A great workout that you really “feel” in the beginning. I am keeping this one!  Then, a year ago or so, at the recommendation of Claudine Henry, I tried T-Tapp, by Teresa Tapp. She has trial exercises on her website, so I did that first to see if I could handle it before I committed to the purchase.  I feel a little guilty about buying exercise stuff, given my record.  I tried out a fifteen minute T-Tapp MORE rehab workout.  This is for folks who have certain health issues.  I didn’t sweat and still got great results.  Now, from memory, I  do the Basic Workout Plus, (15 minutes) but have also added  “Step to the Max“ for some extra cardio a few times a week.  In just a couple of weeks of using the MORE rehab workout, my almost constant back pain ceased.  Hormones leveled out.  I had more energy and felt better.  Once you get to where you want to be, you “T-Tapp” to maintain.  There is a food guide that comes with it.  It is so simple.  The only thing that can make it difficult is me, I learned.   I promise I don’t own stock in the company or profit in any way.  I just know it can help you get in shape and feel better.  Also, the owner says one certain exercise might help lower sugar levels, so if you are a diabetic, it might be worth the inquiry.   http://t-tapp.com  This website is full of great info.   (and if you DO this…let me know what you think!)

One last thing. Charlotte Siems’ story is very inspiring.  She is a real person with a real life, not one of those doctored up ads. She simply wanted to lose some weight before one of her kid’s wedding.  I think she is amazing! ( I went to college with her hubby.) Watch her video and be wowed!  http://www.t-tapp.com/success/charlotte/default.html

Biking (Julie), Hiking (Lauri), Swimming, or Chasing Eagles (me!) WHATEVER works for you….DO IT!

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