A handshake used to mean your WORD ~

Living in Rogers County, just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the current buzz is about Garth Brooks being in court this week.  If you are not familiar with the saga, in a nutshell, Mr. Brooks lost his precious mama, Colleen, several years ago to cancer.  He wanted to honor her name and help his city of Yukon at the same time.  He met with the CEO of their local hospital about giving them a generous donation. In return, the new Women’s Center would be named after Colleen Brooks.  They corresponded back and forth until Mr. Brooks and they came to what I would call, “a gentlemen’s agreement”.  Fast forward to now.  There is no Women’s Center.  His mother’s name was not honored as formerly discussed.  He wants his money back. The hospital says there was nothing in writing specifically designating where this money HAD to go.  End of story.  Well, not really. The end of the story will be when the jury trial in Claremore ends.  But it’s where I jump off of the story and onto another for a minute.  How I was raised.  Responsibility. Honesty.  Integrity.  Accountability.  Hard work.   A handshake and looking someone in the eye is an agreement that you don’t break.  You just do what you say you are going to do.  Period.  If you mess up, you try and right your wrong.  It really shouldn’t be that hard.  (in theory)

To Mr. Garth Brooks and to his lovely wife Trisha Yearwood, who is by his side through this journey.  Your mother would be so proud of you for standing up for her and for yourself.  I hope your day (s) in court turns out favorably.  Regardless, her name is still honored.  It’s honored by each story streamed of the deceit and  of  you trying to right this wrong.  She is honored by the way you seem calm and continue to show kindness to the  reporters and fans, while your gut must be in turmoil.  She is honored by the way you treat and love your family.  She is honored when she sees how your town of Owasso embraces and protects you.  Colleen Brooks is honored with every song you sing.  She is honored because you are still you.  And you continue to live her dream.  She would be so proud.

Partial Lyrics to “It’s Your Song” by Garth Brooks….for his mother ♥

Standing in the spotlight
 On such a perfect night
 Knowing that you’re out there listening
 I remember one time
 When I was so afraid
 Didn’t think I had the courage
 To stand up on this stage
 Then you reached into my heart
 And you found the melody
 And if there ever was somebody
 Who made me believe in me,
 It was you. It was you.
It was your song that made me sing
 It was your voice that gave me wings
 And it was your light that shined
 Guiding my heart to find
 This place where I belong
 It was your song.
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3 Responses to A handshake used to mean your WORD ~

  1. renae says:

    Nice article about Garth and his family. My hope is the jury sends a message to the world on integrity!

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