It’s Time to Share YOUR Story!

So here is the idea I’d like to throw out to you today.  Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away.  I thought it might be fun to post random stories and photos from YOU through-out that week!  Just submit a story about you and your sister(s).  Wait….first, let me define ~ sister.  Yes, we have our family “sisters”.  But then we have sisters…those other `special`  people who somehow fell into your life for a short time or for forever…that have changed you and made a difference in your life.  The ones you can share you secrets with, your fears, your “family matters”, and your dreams.  You feel safe with them.  They don’t care if your house is clean or if you have makeup on or bed hair.   You can laugh with them til coke sprays out your nose or cry with them and wipe the tears on their t-shirt.  Sisters….

Now defined…please consider submitting your story about you and your sister (s)!  It does not need to be long at all. (no more than 500 words…but it doesn’t even have to be that long either! 150-250 is super!)  You do not have to worry about spelling or grammar as I will let my handy-dandy machine fix that for us.  Just write from your heart. Your story.  Funny moments, sad times, childhood memories, challenges….it’s YOUR story.  Please consider sharing it.  And if you have pics you can attach, I will try to include them, too.  My hope is that we are overrun with submissions!  Just e-mail them to:  Include your names, pics (if you have them) and understand that by submitting them, you are giving me permission to use them on Stuff I Tell My Sister.  They will be randomly shared the week of February 12.  Deadline for your submission is February 5th.  Also, if you have any questions or need help with your story, let me know!  Your story needs to be heard.

This is not a “CONTEST”.  But, if you do submit a story, as soon as our new “Stuff I Tell My Sister” bracelets arrive, I will SOOO be sending you and your sister(s) one to thank you!

(just a note….the word count on the above is 375 words…..I do a LOT of rambling! )

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