CONGRATS to our Contest Winners from Yesterday’s Blog!

♫ ♪ A Great Big Thanks to all who read Stuff I Tell My Sister yesterday! ♫ ♪  We have around 1100 reads now and about 120 followers, and that’s just pretty cool stuff!  If you like what you read, or what we do ,or what we stand for, please consider sharing our blog.  I know many of you already have and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

The walk down memory lane yesterday was a lot of fun.  I had forgotten about many of the items you guys mentioned!  Your comments on my unorganized thoughts are what makes the blog worth while.  The interaction is interesting and informative.  I truly want to know what is on your heart ♥.  We will have these little “contests” from time to time.  The only bad part is….I hate when not everyone can win. ( I was that basketball mom that was always so thrilled when my son’s team won…..but then so sad for the young men on the other team.)

The winner of the Drug Store Days memory pack goes to:  Linda Leslie from Mississippi!!!  Congrats Linda!  Thanks for following our “sister” blog!  The unplanned but 2nd winner is:  Holly Hogland from California!  Yay Holly!  Hope you like Bonnie Bell!

Here’s the deal for the rest of you that entered.  I have ordered new Stuff I Tell My Sister bracelets (instead of business cards) and as soon as they arrive, I will send each of you one of those.  So go ahead and send me you mailing addresses! (

Our Stuff I Tell My Sister Story entries need to be in soon so that I can get them in order to post for Valentine’s Day.  Thanks to those of you who have already submitted your stories!  There are several who mentioned they were “thinking” about theirs….just write down your thoughts and e-mail them to me.  We will get it just right before we submit.  Your story may change the life of someone else!  Send it in!!!

Happy Saturday!!!  ♥♥♥

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