Super Bowl Sunday ~ Favorite Commercial

The Super Bowl was never an “event” for me until our boys were in their teen years.  That’s when I started having an interest in football.  I recall that our last great Oklahoma Super Bowl party with our boys was in Tuttle, Oklahoma. ( Of course, we didn’t know on that January night that our next Super Bowl party would be spent with new friends in Arkansas.) On that night in Tuttle,  all of the small groups of our little church came together for a chili cook-off, good fellowship, and watching the game on the big screen.  When it began to snow, that was just an added bonus! They were big wet flakes perfect for making snowballs and even more perfect for all the kids to have a blast.  I cannot tell you what teams played in that game or who performed the half-time show.  But I CAN tell you what my all time favorite commercial was that night! (click on the link)

So what’s your favorite Super Bowl commercial ? (feel free to post below!)

And whatever you decide to do on your Super Bowl Sunday,  EnJoY!

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7 Responses to Super Bowl Sunday ~ Favorite Commercial

  1. That was cute, I don’t think I ever saw that one. I have so many, it is hard for me to pick.
    Like you, I never was that interested in football or the Super Bowl until the year my advertising professor assigned watching every commercial and writing a critique on them. I got hooked on the fantastic display of advertising genius but still wasn’t into the game much until I started shooting local football games for the Pacer in Newcastle.
    What amazes me is that given the amount of money spent on these ads, how few of them re-air – talk about a waste of resources.
    I do have some ads that have stuck with me all these years. I couldn’t tell you what the first one was advertising, but it was the Cat Wrangler ad – perhaps that is why I never saw it again after the game. Another that did re-air but was pulled because “someone” deemed it too violent or offensive was the Trunk Monkey security ads; they were a hoot! My all-time favorite ads are the Mayhem commercials from Allstate. I don’t know if they first appeared during a Super Bowl, but they are the funniest and most ingenious ads out right now.
    Like you, I looked them up on YouTube – I hope I don’t get stuck here all day looking at old ads! I’m looking forward to seeing what new crop will be offered up tonight. With the changes in censoring, so many of the ads today are more rude than clever.
    Here is the link to Cat Hearder:
    The link for Trunk Monkey:

    Have a great day and enjoy the game!

  2. Christi says:

    Have always loved the “tug at your heartstrings” Coca-Cola commercials and the Budweiser Clydesdales and frogs. Have been cooking up a storm today; sure hope hubby is hungry when he gets home from work. Thankfully he’ll be able to get a good nap in before game time.

  3. GMBlaxton says:

    It was the Rams and Titans in that game…and the Rams won. I shouldn’t remember that.

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