Because It’s March!

March First!  YAY!  January and February are dreaded months for me.  They are the months that are typically so dreary and I want to hide underneath a rock until they are over.  But we have been so blessed this winter with wonderful warm weather!  And yes, I know we could still get snow in March and April.  Don’t rain on my parade.  Instead, celebrate that we’ve made it to March and we have much to look forward to in the months to come!

LIKE…spending time outside AND barefoot with friends!  Not to mention getting your toes ready! (reminder time….get your feet ready now by smothering in vaseline and then putting socks on.  do this several days in a row and use a pumice stone and you’ll be good to go!)

Get your garden ready now! Know what you are going to plant. Prepare your soil. This is prep time and it will sneak up on you!

Don’t forget to sunscreen and wear a hat. Even if it’s just power washing the fence and even if it’s cooler weather.  Protect your skin!

Keep a watch out for critters when cleaning out flowerbeds and shrubs.  I don’t like spiders and snakes….how ’bout you?

Be ready for the spring weddings!

If you haven’t already….be wearing your summer shorts now! (in the house if you are in the cold states)  That way, if you have a couple of inches or pounds that winter gave you, you can work on losing those ahead of time.


One last but certainly not least item of importance.  Storm season has already began as we saw yesterday.  Make your tornado plans now.  Know where to go if you need to take cover.  We do not yet have a safe room or cellar, so we have a designated interior “closet”.  Recommended things for your designated place: pillows (to shield you body of debris), blankets, bike helmets and winter coats (again ~ for protection from debris)extra dog leashes, food & water, a whistle or bell (to let people know where you are), flashlights and a battery-powered radio or weather radio.  It doesn’t take much to get these items together.  Hopefully you will never need them, but better to be prepared.

Start planning now for a fun and safe Spring and Summer!  Why?  Because it’s MARCH!!!!  ♥♥♥







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8 Responses to Because It’s March!

  1. I very well remember Daddy gathering us down into the old cobwebby cellar, during tornado season, when we lived in Blackwell, OK. We saw pictures of the devastation in MO and IL last night. I feel so sorry for those folks who have lost everything. Here in Arizona, we have very HOT summers and Monsoons, and those huge dust clouds called Haboobs!
    So there is no perfect place to live. Good advice, Paula. Be prepared!

    • Suppose to get another round tomorrow….tornado season is year ’round here. I did NOT know those dust clouds that surround you were called Haboobs! I have seen the videos of those and they looked dreadful….but I must say the chosen name makes me giggle! 😉 Hope you and hubby are feeling better, Delores ~

  2. Darla says:

    Comment first to Delores……I’m from Blackwell too; we lived in a 2 story apt building across the street from the fairgrounds. If you can remember the DQ on Main St, then you can place it. That May night in 1955 was such devastation. Don’t guess I’ll miss ever being in a Haboob though!

    Paula, I copied and emailed to Holly and my niece so they can get prepared since they’re both single mothers. I can only hope they both heed the info and follow through. Gotta say my allergies have been extraordinarily active for a month! Saw Bradford Pears flowered out this morning – doing my best to stay in. Richard is about ready to trade me in.

    Saw a tip on Pinterest when potting, use a toilet paper roll to add strength to a bedding plant after seeding. Have a good one! Thanks for another great column.

    • Wow….a small world, indeed! Great tip on the planting! I hope you feel better soon. Mine have not yet hit, but I recall Dr. Huey (from Tuttle) always advising me to just “stay inside” until after May. That never quite worked out for me! 😉 Appreciate you reading!

  3. Shari says:

    Thanks for the supply list!! Never thought of a whistle or horn? That is a good one!!! Love your blog!!

  4. Comment to Darla: I think we left Blackwell in 1939…headed for California “The Promised Land”. We arrived with everything we owned inside an old car, and our mattress on the top. My Uncle took us in until my parents found work at the fruit packing plants. Think: The Grapes of Wrath. The only memory I have of Blackwell was the old house, and going down to the cellar during storms. Paula I do look forward to your writings every day. It’s like visiting with an old friend.

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