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Sacred Ground

Hubby and I were in Moore, Oklahoma last week, spending time with family. The town looked much different than it did when we were there in May, just after the tornadoes. (see post Here) Much progress has been made, yet they are just getting started.  New … Continue reading

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Bend, But Do Not Break

This flower is hanging on the front porch at my parent’s home in Moore, Oklahoma. It was there before the tornado, and it remained after the storm as well.  The window directly behind this plant is shattered to pieces.  The … Continue reading

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Welcome June!

Welcome June. May you bring good weather. Outdoor concerts. Farmer’s Markets. Long walks. Belly Laughs. Garage Sales. Snow-cones. Picnics. Watermelon. Fresh Tomatoes. Gentle Rains. Weekend trips. Flowers! Sunshine. Rebuilding. Healing. . . These are flowers from Mom and Dad’s backyard….after storm “one”.  … Continue reading

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Remembering Joplin ~

While our eyes, thoughts and prayers are on Moore, Oklahoma; today’s date is one that is dear to our hearts. May 22, 2011. Joplin, Missouri lost many lives to a brutal tornado that tore through the town that Sunday afternoon. … Continue reading

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Storms continue to brew…..

The good thing about living in Oklahoma is that when storms are headed your way, you are alerted several days before.  Our weather people are outstanding.  Our storm chasers….amazingly crazy. Yesterday was one of those days.  If you’ve lived here very … Continue reading

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Eye on the Sky

A little reminder for those that live in “storm” areas.  Spring is here and though tornadoes can occur at ANY time, now seems to be when they are really kicking in.  Our outstanding Oklahoma meteorologists have been preparing us that today could be a rough day.  Our … Continue reading

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Joplin, Missouri ~ One Year Later

While we were in Joplin, Missouri on Saturday, we made a stop at the Boot Outlet Store.  Chi worked here while he was in undergraduate school and I love getting boots at a great price! As Angie (my daughter-in-law) and … Continue reading

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May 3, 1999 ~ An Oklahoma Memory ♥

I realize that today is NOT May 3rd, but I figure, it’s my blog, I can be a day late! 😉  I’m just feeling the need to do a little reflecting.  For those of you who are not from Oklahoma, on … Continue reading

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Because It’s March!

March First!  YAY!  January and February are dreaded months for me.  They are the months that are typically so dreary and I want to hide underneath a rock until they are over.  But we have been so blessed this winter … Continue reading

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