Storms continue to brew…..

blue dome and storms indian blankets 043 The good thing about living in Oklahoma is that when storms are headed your way, you are alerted several days before.  Our weather people are outstanding.  Our storm chasers….amazingly dome and storms indian blankets 044

Yesterday was one of those days.  If you’ve lived here very long, you know the “look” and the “feel” of a tornado day.  You also know the precautions to take. (Read previous post for more info Eye on the Sky.)

Our kids were  visiting from Missouri over the weekend.  We went about business/fun as usual, but also kept an eye on the weather radar.  They headed home in plenty of time to beat the storm and we proceeded with our pre-tornado agenda.  First things first.  We headed over for our first snow-cone of the season! 😉 Oh. So. Good.  AND….the sweet owner “treated”!  (which shows you they know us too well)  Next ~ closet prep and charging phones. (There are no community shelters in our area) Last, but not least?  An unplanned block party.  It really is what you do around here.  You head to the front porch and you watch and you wait.  You compare previous tornado stories with your neighbors. because everyone here has one  You talk and text with family and friends.  Call it a tornado support group ~ but it works ~ and it brings you together, and for a little while, everything is okay.storms may

The storm split last night and we were fine.  Others were not so fortunate.  Two fatalities have been reported so far.  We are soon to do this again. In a few hours….so be safe friends…..and as we say around here, “Maybe it’ll lift”. ♥

If you’ve never experienced a tornado….watch this video from last night.  It is the real deal. May 19 tornadoes in Oklahoma

storms may1

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70 Responses to Storms continue to brew…..

  1. We’ve been watching reports on the BBC and is sounds so frightening. We forget that you’ve all gone through is many times but it can’t be easy when the eye comes straight for you. Stay safe!

  2. Glad you’re ok. This seems the one thing we haven’t had in the Northeast.. yet… After the preparation, there’s nothing to do but wait.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Helmets at the ready and stay safe!! xoxo

  4. Scary stuff! My #3 son was driving cross country to TN and was chased with these storms at his tail. We are happy he made it through.
    When I lived I GA, I had a radio that sent off sirens for Watches and Warnings. Stay safe!

  5. hayley says:

    It was headline news in NZ this morning. Life can be turned upside down (no pun intended) so quickly. Hard to imagine what it must be like living somewhere where these thing are guaranteed to happen, but I guess it’s something you grow up with so it just becomes part of the life you know.

  6. russtowne says:

    I’m glad you are safe and are taking precautions.


  7. I’m sure this is a threat you have learned to live with but for someone who has never experienced a tornado, I can’t imagine how you do it. They are so scary! Be safe, Paula.

  8. It was such a relief to move away from tornado weather! We have the occasional earthquake and volcanic eruption, and a seasonal hurricane or two in the Pacific Northwest, but those don’t scare me in the same way that tornadoes do. Stay safe!

  9. viveka says:

    You, guys over there …. Go through this a couple of times every year – I have always been amazed that cities, towns .. people recover time after time … and re-build up life again. Glad that you were okay.

  10. artsifrtsy says:

    Today looks like a big one – Stay safe my friend – my weather radio is going crazy.

  11. Jeannette from the CA coast says:

    Prayers non-stop for OK & beyond.

  12. mikeakin1 says:

    Hope you’ll were safe from todays terrible weather.

  13. Dena says:

    Are your parents in Moore? How are they?

    • Yes Dena. They house was hit. They took shelter in their utility room and are both okay. House is damaged. Our younger kids are trying to get to them now. We are hoping since Ang is an RN they can get thru. You guys okay?

      • Dena says:

        We are fine, thank you! Please pass on my thoughts to them. If they still plan to be at the OSU Farmer’s Market anytime soon, please let me know I can bring them anything they need. (bedding, kitchen utensils, towels, jackets, ANYTHING). Email me at and I’ll be happy to pass to you my cell # to give to them. I’m so, so sorry but happy to hear they’re alright.

      • Thank you so much, Dena. I will sure let them know. I think they only lost outside item, some windows, shed…..more clean up than anything. We will find out more when we get there ♥

      • Dena says:

        Good to hear it wasn’t worse – I was under the impression that the house was destroyed. My mistake! Absolutely let me know what I can do 🙂

      • No….just a huge relief. Appreciate you so much!

      • Dena says:

        Me again! My husband and I are happy to help in any way – if they need a space to rest up, sleep, shower, whatever – our home is open to them. Not sure how much they rely on the farmer’s market for income, but I’m free to help out any way I can if they need a body to stand there and sell. 904-534-9893

      • That is so awesome…..I will tell them when I am able to talk to them again. I will text you my cell. Thanks so very much♥

  14. I’ve been watching the coverage all day and I can’t even imagine the devastation and trauma tonight in Moore. TV can’t begin to show how terrible it is. I hope your family is okay.

  15. ly says:

    Prayers coming your way. Thought about you when I heard this–didn’t know where you were exactly. Read above that your parents are OK–that’s great. Keep us informed.

  16. I’ve experienced every Miami hurricane since 1954 and I’d rather sweat a hurricane over a tornado any time.

    • And I have never experienced a hurricane! But I don’t think I want either one…. ;(

    • Dena says:

      Carl, I just moved to OKC from Florida and I agree with you. Waiting out a tornado warning is like a condensed and intense version of a hurricane – same power, compacted into a smaller space and way less time and warning.

  17. sharechair says:

    I watched the tornado outbreak live this afternoon and I can’t imagine how terrifying it had to be. I lived in Cincinnati for a few years, and that was as close to tornados as I ever got… and that exposure was more than enough for me. I thought of you several times today. So glad you’re ok. Hope your folks didn’t have too much damage. take care.

  18. Given today’s events, I won’t click Like. My thoughts are with you and your family, Paula… be safe… you know how to reach me if you need to…

  19. I watched the news from OK this afternoon and into the evening praying for the victims and the families of victims. I’m really glad to see you post tonight. I don’t know the state’s geography very well and I was quite concerned about you and yours. I will look forward to your updates as you can… ox

    • We are good….we are in the Tulsa area. My folks are in Moore (near OKC~ center of state) and they are okay but were hit. We hope to be able to get in there SOON! There is so much heart ache and devastation in the area…..your prayers are coveted and appreciated. ♥

  20. bulldog says:

    How do you manage to sound so casual about this ,, I don’t know… it would frighten the freckles off of me… I would rather face a charging elephant than a tornado…
    Hope you are all safe and reading that your parents house got hit.. praying all is safe there… I don’t know how you do it….

    • It is life in our state. Today was so scary. When your loved ones are in the direct path and you can’t do a thing….you feel helpless. Prep is what saved so many people today…including my folks. We will be going there to help them with clean up as soon as they allow folks in. Thanks so much for your prayers ♥

  21. My heart goes out to everyone affected by these tornadoes. I can’t believe the devastation that we are seeing on the news reports, and I can’t even begin to imagine what people are going through. To lose everything (including lives for some) in minutes is beyond comprehension. Stay safe!!!

  22. amb says:

    So glad to hear that you and your folks are ok Paula! Thinking of you all, as I’m sure are your many readers. Keep us posted! ❤

  23. bert0001 says:

    Thinking of all those who lost their lives, who lost someone dear, …

  24. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and of course you and your loved ones as well.

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