Get Your Kicks on Route 66 and No Man’s Land !

My hubby and I love to go on long drives.  With no destination in mind, we will just grab drinks and the camera and off we will go.  Last April, we decided to do this for a week.  Our wonderful house/dog sitter came to stay with our pups, and we loaded up and headed west.  It was time we checked out Route 66.  We did not come back Route 66, however….Paula (that’s me) came up with the idea somewhere in New Mexico, that we should angle up and drive the entire Oklahoma Panhandle. I wanted to cover No Man’s Land from the very edge.  And we did.  We even met a car on a couple of occasions, approximately 100 miles apart!   I snapped pics of THAT!  It was a great time of exploring, seeing new sights, eating delightful food, and meeting new people. Here are some pics of our journey.  Have a Wonderful Monday and be nice to each other!

I had never seen fields of canola until this trip.  Beautiful ~

Shamrock, Texas

Well, yes we DID take that exit! Yum!

Palo Dura Canyon, Texas

Tucumcari, New Mexico.  Hubby convinced me that in order for this to be a true Route 66 experience, we needed to spend one night in an authentic Route 66 motel.  The owner was a delight and we did have a pleasant old-fashioned visit with the other (2) guests staying there that evening.  But as for the night’s sleep, well, hubby owed me a Hilton visit after this one!

This was the garage that connected to our room.  This motel was featured in the movie, “CARS”.

Las Vegas, New Mexico was a quaint little town with unique shops and friendly people.  We ate lunch here on the recommendation of a local.  We wanted to hang around for supper, too.  The best Mexican food EVER!  (and bakery)

We drove into the edge of Colorado (no longer on Route 66!) and because of this view, determined our September trip would be here.

Now heading back into New Mexico and towards the Oklahoma Panhandle, we mostly drove on open range.  No phone service, bathrooms, gas stations or anything!  Cows, antelope, jack rabbits, ranches….

But look what I had hidden in the backseat from the previous day!  Carrot cake from Charlie’s in Las Vegas.  Good thing, as it was lunch! (and yes, I did share~)

The Black Mesa!!

And many miles of this……………we were so thrilled to finally reach Guyman, Oklahoma & SONIC!

We spent the night with our kiddos in Enid, Oklahoma. I think they’d lived in Enid about a week at this time.

The next morning we set out to locate the house I’d lived in as a child (age three) in Enid.  And here it is! This is the house where I was chased by butterflies…and leaves…and my sister STILL laughs about that!

This was our Welcome Home~  More long drives to come…..

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10 Responses to Get Your Kicks on Route 66 and No Man’s Land !

  1. Christi says:

    What a fun experience! Your pictures are amazing. This is what I want to do when my husband gets to retire in a few short years.

    • I took HUNDREDS of pics….it was funny that we could just stop on the road when we wanted to ….literally no cars anywhere. We tend to be sidetracked easily….but I guess that just adds to the adventure. What direction will you go, Christi?

      • Christi says:

        Different directions for different seasons but I’m sure a road trip to Ohio will be on the list, as well as a trip to the mountains. There are so many places in this wonderful country we haven’t been, the sky is the limit!

      • We drove to Penn, Maryland and D.C. when the boys were really young. A great field trip! Such beautiful country!

  2. Jeannette Wynne says:

    What fun! We traveled Rte.66 after leaving California all the way to Tulsa and back home last November. It was our first road trip in many years and we really enjoyed the sites. I also popped up to Topeka and found the house I lived when I was in grade school and many other memories of that city. It’s good to get out on the road and explore:) We’re looking forward to our next road adventure – although it probably won’t be 5 weeks long:)

  3. Thanks for sharing your trip, now I want to take one too!

  4. renae says:

    Great pictures and I must say the old house and reminder of the leaves chasing you make me smile….hehehehe….run Paula run 🙂

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