Visiting Small Town, America ~ Inola, Oklahoma

My hubby and I took a short road trip this weekend to Inola, Oklahoma.  It’s just about a thirty minute drive, but neither of us had ever been there before.  We had heard they were having a city-wide garage sale and celebrating “Paint Inola Green” for Saint Patrick’s Day.  A scenic drive took us to the Inola exit where, before entering town, we came upon a derailed train.  This had occurred about a month prior and fortunately there had been no injuries or evacuations.

There were a few sales in town, but in one downtown area of Inola, there were several friendly folks gathered together, selling inside and outside, and proudly wearing their “green”.

I had the pleasure of visiting with Carolyn Dormier, who was one of a few town’s people who had organized the event.  You could tell she was proud of her town and shared that they plan on having a similar event monthly. (

Ms. Carolyn and her committee incorporated the live music of Beau Powers for this day. He and his sweet guitar entertained the shoppers with country-style rocking music.  You couldn’t help but stop and even sing along with his familiar songs.  His lovely wife shared that he also writes many of his own lyrics.  This is one guy you’ll want to watch for in your area this summer. (  We plan on visiting him at the Coleman Theatre in Miami, Oklahoma in the near future!  I think what really impressed me with this couple is that their shows are family oriented.  They entertain for Senior Center luncheons, and anybody that will do that gets a great big THUMBS UP in my book!Hat’s off to you, Beau Powers and to your Mrs., too!

Now back to Inola!  They have several fun cafes for a small town, so if you go, plan on eating there.  You’ll also want to stop at Mike Fuller’s Auto and Gas Museum. Ms. Carolyn told us about it.   Yes, I know, typically, you take me to a museum and I fuss the entire way through.  But when you see this building, you will want to go in.  It’s an old highschool gymnasium, rock on the outside, old wooden bleachers on the inside, built in the 20’s or 30’s. And FILLED with history ~ :

Inola, Oklahoma, is small town America.  These people embraced us like we lived there, and when we told them we didn’t, they wanted to share their town and its history.  We got a good laugh at the old guy that yelled out of his truck window while I was taking pics, “WHERE’S YOUR GREEN?”  Yep, I was sporting hot pink on St. Patty’s. Glad he reminded me of that, and made me feel like I belonged there.  We will be back, Inola ~ Thanks for the hospitality. ♥

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19 Responses to Visiting Small Town, America ~ Inola, Oklahoma

  1. renae says:

    Wonderful pics and story of small town America. They make up so much of the USA while the focus in the news media is usually on the big city. Will check out the link next to the new talent you have located. I love a good garage sale, you never know what treasure you may find!!

  2. Dottie says:

    Thanks for sharing another interesting day in your life. Sure wish Inola was closer to us. Guess we need to scout out some places close to us that we have not yet visited. Thanks again for sharing story and pics!! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed your adventure… I love small towns, I’m from a small town myself so I know how great they can be….Looked like you had a wonderful time.


  4. heather says:

    Glad you enjoyed our town :))

  5. Shaun says:

    I moved to Inola about two years ago, and I have felt at home ever since. That is one thing I absolutely love about this town. Everyone is accepted, and it feels like one great big family!

  6. Mandy says:

    So glad you had fun! We love our little town! I’m happy that you felt so welcomed we just moved here about a year ago and the people are so friendly! Come back soon!

  7. Enjoyed your visit to the museum! Be sure and come back for Inola Hay Day on June 23 for sure! You don’t want to miss that.

  8. Cool I’ll have to try to go one month. 🙂

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  10. Luke Amos says:

    Thanks for honorable mention of my home town. Inola, Oklahoma, has a very rich back story. There are many, many transplants, along with many more residents that have been there since the beginning. My folks moved there when I was 18 months old and by some of the old timers still with us are still thought of as new comers. I’m 44 now btw. LOL There are many stories of how Inola, Oklahoma, could have expanded, in many ways. State hyway 88 was originally going to continue through the town connecting with 51 but the fear of loosing the real spirit of our original desire to remain a small, safe community would have been lost. Lock and dam road was supposed to connect to 71st St by a bridge but that fell through also. Black Fox power plant was fought against by a widow in Claremore, Oklahoma. Many from my home town wanted it. By visiting our library you could read our history book for some real characters from our past. Many of their relatives still in the area.
    If I sound proud of my home town, I guess you could say I am, a little LOL

    • Thanks so much for sharing this with us!! We found Inola to be warm and friendly and it reminded me so much of the town I grew up in (Tuttle, OK) where WE were also considered new comers….even after 40 yrs! LOL! Love, love, love, little towns and their people. Just like family. (the good and the bad! 😉 ) We will visit again and check out the library! paula

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