Speaking of Train Rides ~ Amtrak!

Have you ever thought about travel by train?  I’m not a huge fan of flying. (but yes, I’ll do it) At the time of this trip, I’d just been in an auto accident and was a “nervous” driver AND passenger.  Translation?  My hubby didn’t want to ride with me and I didn’t want to ride with him! So, he came up with a terrific idea!  Let’s take the Amtrak to San Antonio.  What a wonderful trip, people!  If you like a slow-paced trip, visiting with people, walking & trolley-ing once you get there, and beautiful relaxation, this might be something to check out.  Our first train, The Heartland Flyer, was from Norman, Oklahoma to Fort Worth, Texas.  In Fort Worth, we boarded the Texas Eagle where we had our own  private “roomette”.  This included a nice meal in the dining car with several other travelers; a lively and fun server; and afterwards, in the viewing car, time spent railing through Austin, Texas at sunset. Upon arrival at San Antonio, Texas, taxis were waiting to take us to our temporary abode.  We are SOOOO gonna do this again!!!

The pictures are not perfectly clear, as they were taken through the tinted windows, but the scenery was beautiful~

The Red River ~

Hubby had his map AND his GPS.  He was ready if they needed any help.  While visiting with another “wife” in the dining car, she was laughing that her husband had brought his GPS.  Oh yes, I told her!I loved that the cars had to stop for us!

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9 Responses to Speaking of Train Rides ~ Amtrak!

  1. renae says:

    Love that San Antonio! That space needle in the last pic, left over from the worlds fair (not sure what year) we had dinner there a very long time ago 🙂 Beautiful place to vacation….you might want to avoid those HOT summer months! Are you you going to talk about the Riverwalk next?? I know you have some cook pics.

    • I thought we’d cover San Antonio on another day….you’ll have to share some of your pics for that one, too! We went in April….perfect weather. Why is it you go in July and August, sister? lol!

  2. Zena Lewis says:

    We had the most memorable trip ever about 5 years ago. We still talk about it. We took a train from KC to Boston. We had a 6 hour layover in Chicago. From Boston, we rented a car and drove up the coast to Bar Harbor, Maine. It was amazing. We are planning another Amtrak trip to CA. We didn’t get a sleeping car. We found the coach seats to be just as comfortable. We packed some food and charged our laptops and we were ready. The trip starts when you get on the train vs. when you get to the destination. 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to ride an Amtrack train… never had, maybe I’ll put that on my bucket list.


  4. bucketdave says:

    I love train travel. I’m happy President Obama tried to improve it. Too bad it costs so much and nobody wants to spend the money on it. I can understand though.

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