What Color Am I?

A couple of days ago I was out taking “flower” pics.  I have a wide-angle macro lens that I know nothing about, so was “playing” with it.  I was not expecting Mr. Eagle, nor was he expecting me!  Regardless, I love having him hang around.  (he just flew over minutes ago when I was in the backyard!)

Oklahoma Redbud Tree

One lonely tulip survivor of about 150 bulbs planted.  Loving the yellow!

And now for the Iris plant above.  I’m taking guesses on what color you think the bloom(s) will be.  I’ll show a pic of the bloom (when it happens) and whoever guesses closest gets a Surprise! (more than a package of gum ~ less than a used car….;) ) Put your color guesses in the comment area!  I may guess too, because I don’t even know!  Thanks for the Iris bulbs, Mom!!!

HaPPy Thursday, people!  Be nice to others ♥

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17 Responses to What Color Am I?

  1. I’m going to guess purple……

  2. Janice says:

    I’ll guess yellow

  3. I going with the law of probability, seeing how their are more purple ones around than other colors, I’ll say purple. Plus its my favorite color!
    I can’t believe you have an eagle that comes that close to your home in such a crowded neighborhood. I live on an acreage and have never seen one in my yard. A giant owl, yes, but no eagles. 🙂 have a great day!

  4. MEB says:

    And our neighbor has flyers up looking for their little white dog!!! Hmmmmmm. If anyone sees Fluffy, let us know!!!!

  5. I just went out to check on the Iris….now another one is blooming too! Feel free to have a SECOND IRIS bloom guess, too. The tip on the first one appears rather dark right now….hmmmm

  6. Okay…..I guess white with lavender tips.

  7. lavender with darker purple tips………

  8. Dottie says:

    Enjoyed your pictures…colors are so vivid 🙂 My guess is white 😀

  9. rljaffe says:

    I’m going to say reddish with yellow accents

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