An After Dinner Walk ~

Now that I have adjusted to time change, I. Love. It.  My husband suggested a walk after dinner, last night.  So we headed to a property not far from our place.  What we discovered, up the winding road, was an old farm place.  I’m sure it was active and lovely, during it’s day.  I stood there thinking about my grandparent’s farm and how many great memories I had from that time.  Perhaps, somewhere, there are some grandkids with those same feelings about this place?  It’s sad that it is now abandoned, grown over, and for sale.  But regardless, the love that was once there, will live on…..

Life is Short, Peace is Sweet.  Don’t forget to Pay it Forward ♥

If you have time, I think our friend Trisha Yearwood sums it up best in her song “The Dreaming Fields”.

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18 Responses to An After Dinner Walk ~

  1. Christi says:

    Wow! What a beautiful song. I have such fond memories of my grandparents’ farms and the roads we used to walk for endless hours. Loved playing in the barns, didn’t love gathering eggs – LOL, and for some reason, was scared of the silo at Grandma and Grandad Powell’s. I miss them all to this day! And thanks for the beautiful accompanying pictures. You rock Paula!

    • I have listened to this song over and over and it still makes me tear up, thinking about and missing my grandparents. Memories are weird like that. I didn’t like gathering eggs. I was afriad the chickens would peck me and I didn’t wanna step in their poo! lol! Plus I found it pretty “invading” when MY SISTER would have to reach under them to steal their eggs. I would follow my sister, ready to run without a moment’s notice! I loved the farm, but wasn’t a good “farm girl” ~ The “fun” of picking cotton or digging peanuts usually didn’t last 5 minutes, which was why grandpa knew it was safe to let us in the field. ha….Thanks for sharing your memories, Christi, and for reading…♥

  2. I hate to see old farms and barns going to “seed’ so to speak… I too miss the day of the family farmer… and those beautiful old farms. Your pictures are really awesome.. thanks for taking us back to a different time and place of love and simplicity….


    • Awww…I agree, Carri ~ I stood there saddened to know that this “once” dream…would soon become a new dream involving a housing addition or apartments. Thanks so much for following and for your always sweet support ♥

  3. Dottie says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story and pictures…..I have many sweet memories of my grandparents farm. Remember once when I had gathered a big basket of eggs with my “Nannie”. I was carrying the basket when a chicken ran at me and I was so scared I dropped the basket of eggs and broke almost all of them but of course my Nannie soothed me and was not at all upset over the broken eggs. Once I begged my “Pataw” to let me pick cotton and make some extra money. I picked every day after school and it took me a week to pick 100 pounds. (That was with the help of my Uncle Bert walking along side me. He kept adding to my cotton sack and telling me to add bolls as well as the cotton. After a week I hung up my sack and decided I would make my extra money other ways. Nothing like going thru the watermelon patch on a hot day and breaking open a watermelon and eating with our hands, then jumping in one of the ponds to cool off and wash off the juice. Those were the days!! Thanks for letting me share my memories on your blog. Makes my day happy thinking about it!! ♥

    • So glad to know this post brings happy memories to mind! The watermelon story reminds me of some my dad tells….working out in the field, he said they would only eat the heart of the melon. I was always afraid of the snakes in the pond! Guess I missed out a lot by just watching….or maybe I kept from getting snake bit! lol! Thanks for sharing your memories, Dottie! ♥

  4. Dottie says:

    oops! My heart didn’t print!!

  5. Speaking of Paying it forward, you may be interested in this:!/groups/282359831815977/
    Have a great day friend!

  6. Jeannette Wynne says:

    Sweet memories flood my mind of visiting my Aunt & Uncle’s farm way up in the northwest corner of North Dakota every summer. I loved gathering eggs, feeding the pigs, and riding horseback. I did NOT like using the “outhouse” too much:) We had to pump water in the kitchen and I thought that was pretty fun at the time. One of my favorite memories is eating my grandmother’s homemade cake donuts – always a jar holding those in the pantry:) Driving though Montana many years ago we saw several abandoned farms. I had fun making up stories about the people who may have homesteaded there- like my great-grandfather and another set of grandparents. Thanks for jogging the memory bank:)

  7. rljaffe says:

    Wonderful photos!

  8. WOW……… That just made the past really come back for me…… Where did your grandparents live that you picked cotton and dig peanuts. Mine lived in the Lookeba, Oklahoma and was like dang…..Lots of memories

    • Marlow, Oklahoma, Kathy…..Weird the way I miss it. No a.c. The outhouse was the chicken house, The tub was a metal and you filled it from the well. (I LOVED the windmill and pumping the water!) I was afraid of the chickens and the snakes…but I loved every memory of the place…so much laughter and love found there ~

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