Oklahoma (AND MANY OTHER STATES) Mega Millions Jackpot finally arrived Friday night.  Lines were forming outside of stores known for having big winners.  The news was interviewing “expert” number choosers.  I was in my backyard “eavesdropping” on a neighbor conversation about how one of our local convenience stores had sold over $10,000 already on Friday.  I know…..if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…you should spend your hard-earned money more wisely.  If all the money that was spent on that silly lottery was lumped together, do you know how much good it could do someone?!?!

I am not disagreeing with any of the above.  So don’t judge me when I tell you that last night when my hubby called and  said he was on his way home, I said, “OOOOhhhh….we have to go buy a Mega Million ticket!”  So he picked me up and off we went to the Kum and Go.  We are very experienced at buying lotto tickets.  We walked in and immediately the young men knew we were clueless.  One of them finally asked, “What do you want to buy?” to which I replied..”The big one!”  and then he says, “Do you want Megaball?”.  And five minutes later, we determined, yes, Megaball.  Next question, “Do you want to choose your own numbers?”  Who knew it was so complicated to spend two dollars?!?!

I took a phone picture of the ticket and sent to my kids and my sister and niece, telling them that their troubles would soon be over.  A bit later, I got a phone pic back of one of their lotto tickets ~ they had purchased already.

Did we really think we would win, you ask?  That’s not the point.  For me, it’s fun.  It’s exciting.  It’s getting your mind off of the crummy stuff that life hurls at you whether you are ready or not.  It’s spending that money in your head over and over again.  It’s buying people houses and cars and going on trips.  It’s dreaming at it’s best.  It’s hope ♥  And if we happen to win, well then, that’s just the gravy, now isn’t it!

So leave me alone with my lotto ticket, and do not judge me ~  I’m trying to enjoy life … 😉

(Oh….and nope….we didn’t win, but we will NOT stop dreaming or hoping ♥ )

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  1. Exactly… it’ was fun for those couple of days that you have your ticket and don’t know if you’re a winner or not and your can dream up all things you’d do if you won… We don’t spend a ton of money…. $5. And we don’t play every week. Just when it gets crazy high like it did this week. And no, we’re not the winner either, but it fun talking about it for a few days… So I’m with you Paula.. you just go ahead and get that lotto ticket every now and then… and have fun !! 😉


  2. Jeannette Wynne says:

    Wishes and dreams…fun stuff! I had never purchased a lottery ticket until several years back. My brother called from Minnesota one day and asked me to buy some for him since the California lottery had reached $300+ million. For my “trouble” , he would split it with me:) Ha! We didn’t win, of course, but the dreams were fun while they lasted! I haven’t bought one since, but I am tempted to go out today and take my chances. Will I? Who knows, but I can if I want:)

  3. Dottie says:

    I didn’t win either…but the anticipation was worth the $5.00 spent!! Actually, I forgot to get a ticket so called Gina in Austin and had her get me 5 when she got hers… I still owe her the $5.00. She didn’t win either 😛

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