Hotdog Heaven in Enid, Oklahoma

I cannot believe that April is here!!  It’s my BIRTHDAY month… I love the word, APRIL.  April means more sunshine, flowers, Easter, and garage sales and exploring.  April is a month of hope for good things to come.

Hubby and I were blessed to get to spend the day with our younger set of kiddos in Enid, Oklahoma, on Saturday.  We had fun catching up, shopping, eating, taking pics, playing with Ms. Paisley (the grandpup), etc!  Malachi even amazed us when I gave him the Sonic Happy Hour Challenge.  We had only 5 minutes to get there and order our 1/2 price drinks.  He got us there and the button pushed with 1 minute to spare!  What a man. 😉

The discussion of “where do you wanna eat” came up as it always does.  We went downtown to eat hotdogs. Not just any hotdogs.  AMAZING hotdogs at Dogtown in downtown Enid.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  And you are about to understand that!  Have a great Monday, friends.  If you ever find yourself in Enid, Oklahoma, treat yourself to a “Dog” ~ (and stop by and say hello to our kids!)

With spicy coldslaw, salsa, and jalepenos~   The #6

Or how ’bout some bacon and beans?  The Aztec

#9 is the Salty Dog ~  A Pig in a Blanket….but none like I’d ever seen!

Mine was a “custom” because I wanted a normal hotdog.  Once I got the hotdog wiener out, it was perfect!  Plus, now that I’ve tasted the spicy coleslaw, I will get a BIG heaping of that next time! (my cholesterol food for the week!)

And here is Ms. Paisley….talk about a hotdog! Oh…and Chi and Angie, too.  Thanks for a fun Saturday, guys!

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8 Responses to Hotdog Heaven in Enid, Oklahoma

  1. Fun and entertaining as always. I think I envy where you live, because there are so many neat things to do in small towns. Here, the city has overrun everything. But it is where my kiddos are and my grandkiddos! thanks for sharing.

  2. GMBlaxton says:

    That was a fun day! Come back soon!

  3. oh my, that looks SO good! def give the spicy coleslaw a try on top. that sounds fantastic. thanks for being number 200 on facebook, you made my day!

  4. julie b says:

    This place would make me fall off the veggie wagon…also reminds me of when friend Patty fell and broke both jaws…went to see her, asked what I could get for her to eat…(use your imagination here, remember the girl has both jaws wired together)…with tears in her eyes, she says, “Ahhh aww ahh aaat gwhaaahd”…translation…”I want a hot dog!” She got a Brahms banana shake…

    • you wouldn’t HAVE to fall off of the wagon here…I didn’t eat the hotdog weiner…but yes on the chili….but they have so many amazing toppings….now I WANT A HOTDOG!!! LOL…Poor Patty ~

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