Do you Rubber Mulch? (and Iris Color Revealed!)

The past weekend involved a work in the front yard day.  March 31.  Our temp reached 92 degrees.  Regardless, we made the trip to Home Depot (twice), loaded up with mulch, and started the job.  The past couple of years we have debated on trying the rubber mulch.  The company claims that the color lasts 12 years.  That it will save you work and money not having to re-mulch year after year.  No, I don’t believe them.  Scotts has a one year color guarantee on their regular mulch and the reality has been about two months, maybe three for our sun in Oklahoma.  After visiting with my sister though, (no pressure, Renae!) we decided to go with the rubber mulch this year.  The cost is quite a bit more.  But if VIGORO’s word is true, we’ll be in good shape.  Plus, this time I am keeping the receipt and a bag.  I will “call” them on it if there is a problem AND let you know, too!

Besides loading up the mulch, I think the toughest job was watching my hubby dig out the old.  It was really hot standing out there. 😉 Then bagging up what I didn’t reuse to fill the bottom of some flower pots, that was a chore, too.  As I write this, it sounds so easy!  It took us several hours and we have aches and pains today, so there IS some work involved.

The after really is pretty.  And it looks like regular mulch. But it smells like a tire store! (but just at first) We still have the backyard to go.  I am doing regular mulch on it and we’ll have a good comparison for the future.

The Columbines are blooming!

Iris Bloom Reveal!!!And so is the Iris!  Three great big beautiful blooms!  I reviewed the “guesses” of our flower color and there was no exact guess, as this is an unusual color mix.  My “executive” decision (I’ve always wanted to say that! 😉 ) is to go with Delores McElmurry’s guess of white with lavender.  I think every one of you  had a “little” bit of it correct!  I’ll get with Delores.  She has a choice of Sonic gift card, Starbuck gift card or a magazine subscription.  To my other guessers….send me you mailing address and I’ll send you a STUFF I TELL MY SISTER bracelet! (  Thanks to all for reading STUFF I TELL MY SISTER!!!  You guys are awesome! ♥

Be kind to each other ~ you never know what they may be going through …

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10 Responses to Do you Rubber Mulch? (and Iris Color Revealed!)

  1. Man I had the purple right… just missed the white and yellow.. HAHAHAHA!

    Beautiful flower!


  2. P.S. I’ll be waiting to hear how that rubber mulch works…


  3. Darla says:

    We put rubber mulch in our beds summer before last; it’s still there but has settled. I had heard that it will absorb the heat and burn everything around it. Our shrubs have done well and feel it really protects that top layer of soil. In heavy rains, some will wash away if you don’t have protective barrier at the edge. It’s the first time since we’ve lived here that we didn’t have to re-mulch. It was worth the “extra” cost; would buy again. The garden plants POPPED against the color really making them the feature of the garden. Hope you will be as pleased with your investment!

  4. I’ve been wanting to try the rubber mulch too. I’ve got huge weed problems. Keep us updated. I love. love, love that iris! I think your picture will become my new computer desktop background. I’d love to see that beauty everyday


    • The Tru-Green guy came today. He leaned over while we were outside and said, “Is that the rubber mulch?” He really likes the stuff. Glad you like the iris! Please use it….the pics sure last longer than the blooms! ♥

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  6. Just to let you know…two and a half months later….this mulch still looks good! It has settled a little bit and I filled in with my reserve bag, but it doesn’t wash away and it is not fading. Very pleased so far! And that’s all…the end. For now 😉

  7. A little update on the rubber mulch ~ We have no regrets! It has not faded and does not float away in the rain. It did settle a bit and I ended up adding about three more bags about mid-summer, but we are pleased and will do this in the backyard next spring! 🙂

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