Speaking of Pineapples ~

A while back at a friend’s house for dinner, I asked, “What can I do to help?”  She grabbed the pineapple off of the counter and handed it to me.  “Oh no, I’ll do anything, but the pineapple.  I butcher pineapples!” my reply.  Then she pulled out a new “tool” from Williams Sonoma and demonstrated how easy it was to use. (http://www.williams-sonoma.com/search/results.html?words=pineapple%20easy%20slicer) The cost is $19.99, but the day I went they were 20% off, so watch for sale time!

Other than the handle, the slicer is stainless steel, easy to use and clean.  We love pineapples, and have them often now with this contraption AND the fact the Aldi’s Grocery Store (www.Aldifoods.com) has them on sale for .99 a couple of times a month.

Cut each end of the pineapple off with a sharp knife.  UNLESS you want to use the outside as a dish to hold fruit or a drink.  Then you would leave the bottom end attached.

Place your slicer on top of the pineapple and get ready to push down and turn.

The first time you use this at your house, everyone will want a turn at twisting it.  Yep, even the adults!  😉

Look at that juicy pineapple!  There is also a wedge attachment that comes with the slicer, but we prefer whole slices.

It’s one of those kitchen tools that just makes life easier. (Thanks hubby ~ for demonstrating for us!)

Our yesterday post was on some of my favorite things. (https://stuffitellmysister.me/2012/04/04/a-few-more-of-my-favorite-things/)  Our random drawing winner of the Bath and Body Works Mentha Lip stuff is KATHY CALDWELL!  Woo hoo ~ Kathy!  Send me your mailing address and I’ll get that mailed out to you! (psblaxton@att.net or fb)  Thanks to all for their comments of new things to try yesterday! HaPPy Thursday.  Be nice to people! ♥

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10 Responses to Speaking of Pineapples ~

  1. Jeannette Wynne says:

    Oh my – I need one of these!! Thanks for the demo:)

  2. shobavish says:

    What a nifty gadget! Thanks for the info!

    I came by to tell you that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Here’s to more awesome blogging!

  3. Do you need strong hands? I can barely get the milk off the bottle. 🙂 Maybe a job for Clint.

  4. Tranae says:

    Thats awesome. I’m so getting one of those. I’ve been paying extra for them to cut it at the store. I’m stopping by from Live Laugh Rowe. I’m now following via FB. I love the concept of your blog. I idolize my big sister.

    • Tranae ~ thanks for stopping by! What is your blog name? That’s what I always did, bought the juicy cut up pineapple that cost WAY too much. Let me know how your endeavors go! And thanks for following!!! ♥

  5. I have seen that on Pinterest and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it someday… I haven’t gotten it yet but now that you’ve shown me how great it works …it’s only a matter of time! =)
    Have a wonderful Easter! God Bless


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