Sunday ~

Enjoy this day of rest ~ And for those of you in the high weather alert area (like us!), keep an eye on the sky and be safe~ ♥

A few pics taken yesterday on old Route 66 near Chelsea, Oklahoma~

Looks like this was used for target practice! (and they were a pretty good shot)

HaPpY SuNdAy!  And be nice to people ~

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6 Responses to Sunday ~

  1. Andrea Shatwell says:

    Paula, your pictures this morning are very peaceful. It is a good way to start out this day. God be with us and hopefully we will all be in the clear from Mother Natures violent storms soon. Love to everyone.

  2. I’ve been watching the weather alerts on the news…just terrible for the Midwest. Stay safe!

  3. Just beautiful….and all that greenery! After living in the Phoenix area for 9 years, I crave big trees and rivers. All that kind of scenery is in Arizona, but up at a higher elevation.

  4. The overcast skies and having just rained….it is sooo green right now! The sun is trying really hard to pop out right now and I for one am ready!

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