A Little Drive to Enid, Oklahoma ~

The beautiful canola fields of Western Oklahoma ~

A great wheat crop this year!

And a little night fishing on Keystone Lake ~

Have a great Saturday, friends ♥  And be kind, one to another ~

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4 Responses to A Little Drive to Enid, Oklahoma ~

  1. Paula and the rest of you girls in OK…..our Arizona news report last night said tornadoes were heading your way. Are you all safe?

    • We are on alert, Delores…..Norman had some damage yesterday and a few injuries. Dark and very windy outside….tornado warnings in NW OK, but we are good so far….keeping our eye on the sky! Thanks for your concern! ♥

  2. Beautiful pictures Paula, Stay safe tonight and keep your head down.
    Praying that no lives will be lost during this storm.

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