In the Backyard….and Other Stuff~

When our kids were younger and we traveled from Arkansas (and later Missouri) to see Nana and Papa, when we would come to this wide spot in the road, they would get extra excited.  “The Split”, as we named it, meant we were finally in Oklahoma City, and just minutes away from seeing Nana and Papa.  Hubby and I did this drive on my birthday last week, I couldn’t resist the blurry shot through the window.  It brings many good memories of little boys now grown up, and almost being there ~

Another window shot of the big ferris wheel at Frontier City.

Hubby got me a new zoom lens for my birthday….Look at what it can do!  yay!

After lunch with my folks, we “played” in the backyard.  I think the message for this blog is that even if you cannot travel far, there is much to enjoy right where you are!

These little guys where EVERYWHERE!From this……To THIS!!!In the front yard ~Always a ham in the house ~ 😉

Enjoy where you are ~ and be nice to people.  You never know what they may be going through ~ ♥

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8 Responses to In the Backyard….and Other Stuff~

  1. renae says:

    love all the pics and nice red shirt you are wearing…..think i have one that looks like that 🙂 i remember riding with chi in that ferris wheel many moons ago, smiles all around!

  2. Love the red shirt, too! And your parents look great! Lovely pics

  3. Dottie says:

    Gorgeous pictures!! Loved the picture with your Mom and Dad 🙂 Story and pictures made me feel good today!!

  4. I love the photos–so colorful. The close-ups were great, and the zoom is too. A decent zoom changed my life, or at least it dramatically affected the quality of photo I was able to snap. Most of all I enjoy that you are seeing and recognizing the beauty of life all around you.

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