Visiting Small Town America ~ Lampe, Missouri (and post #100!)

Last week was one of relaxation and pure pleasure.  How often do you get to say that?  I know, not very often.  My hubby was off for a week and we met my sister and her hubby,  a few miles south of Branson, Missouri.  On Monday, we found ourselves headed for Lampe, Missouri. Not TOO far out of Branson, but far enough to be “away” from it all.  Our destination was Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.  Fortunately, we took a little detour and ended up at The Corner Drive-In, in Lampe.  (pronounced, LAMPEY – I had to ask!)

This drive-in is that old-fashioned kind.  Remember standing outside the sliding window and leaning over to place your order?  Remember that perfectly slivered ice?  And leaning over to give your order to the friendly guy that owns the place?  Yep, that’s where we were.  Right on the corner under a big old tree ~

After our scrumptious lunch, we backtracked and located Dogwood Canyon.  We knew it was supposed to be big and a canyon.  That’s pretty much all we knew!  The signage made it a bit difficult to find, but once we located it, it did not disappoint!

We curved around until we came to the main building where there was a tram sitting out front.  We went in to find out they were leaving RIGHT THEN!  So the guys hurried and paid and secured out seats in the open air trailor….and with passengers from all over the United States and a VERY fun and informed guide, we began our two-hour excursion.

The guide stopped many times along the way for us to “play”, take pics, and feed the trout.  Oh….no striper fishing here! 😉

Dogwood offers many unique ways to explore their over 10,000 acres.  Segway tour, horseback riding, jeep tour, bike rentals and of course, you can walk!  You can even take a two-day fly fishing class or have a wedding! (

After our tour, we did a little INTENTIONAL backtracking and went to see Roger again, in Lampe.  Sister, Renae and I, had noticed they sold waffle twist cones when we were there for lunch, and it took very little convincing to get the guys to return.  As we sat in the car looking at the menu, I suggested we just sit there til we were hungry again. Then we could eat supper there too!  ( I was the only one game for this!)

Hope you guys had a great week ~ I missed you! ♥♥♥

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14 Responses to Visiting Small Town America ~ Lampe, Missouri (and post #100!)

  1. julie b says:

    Congrats on #100, Sister…blog, not birthday, right?!?!?!?! What a lovely get-a-way…

  2. Thanks for the little armchair trip. What a nice treat for you. I like little trips away from the busyness of the city, into rural America where good manners are still used, and good food is still cooked.

    • Great way to word it, Delores ~ speaking of good food, I have hidden my scales away for a week while I “revamp” on my eating & exercise! We did walk a lot….but somehow I think the good food and treats still won! 😉

  3. You do realize I live and travel vicariously through you guys! Thanks! Sounds like a great time was had by all and your pics are awesome.

  4. Christi says:

    Happy 100th Post! And thank you so much for being so willing to share your travels. I can’t wait until my husband and I can do the same. Love, love, love all the pictures AND Welcome Back!

    • Thanks Christi ~ it’s pretty bad when I’m about to take a pic and my sis says “What are you gonna do with the pic?” lol! So I will show those later! ha! Good to be back…been playing lots of catch-up! ♥

  5. What a great post! I love the photos–signs, the longhorn, the landscape, and the people pics were fun too. Looks like a great trip.

  6. Dottie says:

    Thanks Paula for sharing another one of your excursions!! The pictures were great, almost felt like I made the trip too!! That is a great way to spend a few days..just not sure how you know about the neat places you visit!! Looking forward to your next trip!! Thanks again for sharing in words and pictures 🙂

  7. renae says:

    wow, we where on a 2 hour tour?!? sure didn’t seem like it….must have been the good company 🙂 where are those planking pics….the one with the bugs? i have a few if you need them….sure to brighten anyone’s day! HaPpY BiRtHdAy trip and congrats on the 100th blog!! (julie…you crack me up)

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