Things I Have Learned from My Mama ~

Mom’s flowers….and now you know where my header photo was taken!

I wrote this little note last year to my mom on Facebook.  In celebration of Mother’s Day and Mom’s upcoming birthday, I thought I would share it here, too.  So Happy Mother’s Day, Mama (aka Faye)!  And HaPPy Birthday in a couple of weeks, too!  (Like me ~Mom celebrates all month long!)

Plant lots of flowers at each house you live in…it makes you feel better and you leave that special feeling for the next folks, too.  Give the dog fresh water everyday.  Make guests feel honored and welcome in your home.  Never send them away empty-handed.  Be a good neighbor.  Share what you’ve been blessed with.  Even when you hate to spend the money on a repair or appliance that’s gone bad, be glad you have the funds to take care of it.  Smile a lot and enjoy life to the fullest. Try to find the good in people.  Love your kids even when they need to be strangled! Stand up for you kids; but not so much that they don’t learn to stand up for themselves.   Eat healthy and exercise and don’t listen to everything the doc says….sometimes we know better. Be prepared for anything.   Keep your living room clean cause ya never know who might pop in or when…..keep your car clean….keep the junk out of the front yard. Take care of your man.  Remember people’s birthdays, everyone likes surprises!  Send greeting cards.  NEVER forget to thank people for gifts and going the extra mile for you!  They don’t have to, ya know! “Warren” women(maiden name) are tough…so if you break your arm…go get your hair cut before going to the E.R. and  surgery….you’ll get in quicker and OUT quicker! (yes, she DID do this!) Take your vitamins.  At some point in life, you must quit standing on the bed to clean the ceiling fan.  Agree with people, then go do whatever you were gonna do in the first place.  (like stand on the bed to clean the ceiling fan?!)  Iron or go to the dry cleaners….do not go out in wrinkled clothes.  Share old photographs and family history with your kids.  Enjoy music.  Have fun with your family.  Always be ready with a listening ear.  Pray and believe.  If you are acting like a jerk, don’t be offended when you are called that!  Always have a couple of projects going.  Carry a blanket in your car.  Go to garage sales!  Don’t open the door without seeing who’s there first.  Keep the weeds out of your yard. Plant tomatoes, if nothing else.  Be nice to little kids, it will shape their future.  Play lots of farkle and dominoes and watch basketball! New experiences are welcome at all ages. Spend time with your sisters at every opportunity! Can you tell which tell which four are sisters?

Though I’ve just made a dent, I will stop here.  Thanks for being such a great inspiration, Mom. And for putting up with sooooo much.  Everything you tried to teach us is making a lot more sense to me now!   Much love ♥

Happy SUNDAY and HaPPy Mom’s Day to each person reading this today! ♥

Always up for another “girl’s” trip ~ (Faye-Mom,  Aunt Jo, Cuzzin’ Gina, and sister Renae in the back. I’m behind the lens, imagine that?)

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8 Responses to Things I Have Learned from My Mama ~

  1. renae says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  2. Great post! Great mom! Happy Mother’s Day, Paula.

  3. So adorable… Moms and sisters rock! =)

  4. julie b says:

    I learned many of these things from your Mama…love her…hope she had Happy Mother’s Day…

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