HaPPy Birthday to my MOM!

Today is my mama’s birthday!  Her gift was mailed last week, but it seems to be stuck in Virginia….she is in Oklahoma.  So much for planning ahead!  We’ll see how that saga plays out….but in the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA!! (FAYE!)  Thanks for putting up with us as I know my sisters were sometimes unruly ;).  Thanks for doing all you do~much love ♥Leadville, ColoradoCucumber!Mom makes the BEST Lime pickles! (and pickled beets…hint, hint, OH! and fried okra!)

HaPPy Day to All!  And be nice to each other.  MAMA SAID! 😉

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16 Responses to HaPPy Birthday to my MOM!

  1. That was nice… Happy Birthday Faye!
    That is the largest cucumber I ever saw and I come from the Garden State!

  2. Jeannette Wynne says:

    `Happy Birthday to Faye! You are so blessed to still have your Mom in your life:) I know you already know that:) Has anyone asked you and your sister if you are twins? Amazing!

  3. renae says:

    Happy Birthday to my Mom!! And to my sister……you are still a trouble maker….somethings you just don’t out grow 🙂 signed, unruly sister

  4. You gals are a good lookin’ trio. I hope Faye’s Birthday was very special, as she must be. I’ve never heard of Lime Pickles…..would she share the recipe? You sisters had better ‘straighten up’ before Mom has to spank you. My mom used to add: “don’t think you’re too big for a spankin’!”

  5. Lovely photos–and the feet are very cute!

  6. P.S. Happy birthday to Mom!

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