Living in our hurried world of stress, this post “Penny for Your Thoughts” is just too awesome not to share! Enjoy…..and a Penny for Your Thoughts!

The Magnificent Something

Absolute blank; infinite void; totally empty. I am standing in front of a man in a suit, ready to give me a penny for my thoughts, and it is now that my mind goes completely vacant. I look at him, smile awkwardly, and let the silence do the talking.
But I must start from the beginning. I woke up today with a start, grabbed my phone quickly and checked the time. I got up, put Scissor Sister‘s Magic Hour on the speakers, scoffed down a bowl of cereal and jumped in the shower.
Minutes later I was in a crowded hot bus, that was following the London Good Weather Rule: when the sun shines, everything slows down. We were going at a snail’s pace, but so was everything around us; people seemed to stroll down the street; the power-suits were replaced with summer dresses, and the briefcases…

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  1. My first very twisted thought was….I wish I could get down on the ground like that again and be able to get up by myself, without a crane. Then, after reading the piece, I thought how nice that this young man is allowing people to maybe unload their cares of the day and they get a penny to boot. How many of us take the time to listen to strangers? Something to think about.
    Thanks, Paula.

  2. Julie says:

    Delores is your nickname Penny?

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