Visiting Small Town America ~ Grove, Oklahoma

Hubby and I took a mini-trip over the weekend; our final destination being The Cherokee Queen for an evening cruise on Grand Lake.  Of course, we did take the long route, first stopping at The Amish Cheese House for a late, but yummy lunch.  Then after some winding scenic back roads, we arrived in Grove, Oklahoma.  Want some summer lake fun?  Come to Grove!We stayed here when our boys were very young.  A well-kept place and perfect if you wanna fish and let the kids romp and play….(but give me the Holiday Inn Express) ~A fun and friendly place to shop ~Yep ~ I found another chair!  This one for my front porch!It was finally time to board the Cherokee Queen! Be sure to call ahead and make reservations.  You have a choice of a dinner cruise or just a sightseeing tour.  From visiting with some of the employees, we learned that they are in transition to new owners this season. The upper air conditioning was on the blink, but once we got rolling, it didn’t matter.  The cool air from the water was perfect.  Their new liquor license is in the hands of the “state”, so don’t whine I’m talking to me  about “no wine”.  They are “in waiting”.  😉 We loved the two-hour excursion and visiting with other folks on our adventure. (all ages!)  The photo ops were amazing….but be sure your battery has a full charge! like I should have done ~ duh   The captain did a great job, and we appreciated their music selection for the evening.  Perhaps you are like us ~ a little sunset cruise and relaxing is good for the soul ~well then, check it out if you are in this area of Oklahoma.  We would do it again, for sure!And THIS IS WHEN MY CAMERA BATTERY DIED! But that’s okay.  Cause looking at this world without the lens is pretty amazing, too ~

HaPpY FrIdAy ♥ (OH!  And it is JUNE today!  So a big old SHOUT OUT to INOLA, OKLAHOMA!  Their Hay Days Celebration is later on this month.  Check it out!  Friendly folks live there ♥)

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6 Responses to Visiting Small Town America ~ Grove, Oklahoma

  1. You managed to get some spectacular shots, Paula. Sounds like a fun outing.

  2. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Great pics! Don’t you love how the word “resort” is just thrown about willy-nilly? 🙂

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