Take a Walk in His Shoes ~

If you had one wish, what would it be?

About every three months, hubby and I go to the shoe department of J.C. Penney’s and purchase a new pair of Docker’s Glacier, size 11 work shoes.  It’s a ritual.  We go home, place the new receipt in the new box.  Toss the old shoes and the old box.  Place new inserts in the new shoes.  Hubby is good to go for a few more months.

Last night he brought one of each shoe in and we studied them for a bit.  I grabbed my camera for documentation.  Can you even imagine how many miles are on these shoes?  My hubby is a retail manager for Hobby Lobby.  He has worked for them for many years.  People who do not know retail may think he has a cushy job.  Study. These. Shoes.  

He left this morning around 6:30.  I will see him this evening around 9:30.  (But he does have normal short days.  Those would be the ten-hour days.) During November and December, the hours increase and they move to a required six-day work week to better serve the customer.  Last year I bought him a pedometer to wear for the crazy Thanksgiving weekend.  His highest mileage day was around 25 miles. An average day is 18.  I  think we were both better off not knowing. 

I spoke with a young man yesterday who is running for Congress.  He asked what issues we would want addressed in government.  Hubby and he spoke of taxes, 2nd amendment laws, social security, and monies spent frivolously.  I spoke of labor laws.  Capping hours on salaried personnel so that they are either compensated or have regulated hours.

Hubby does not complain. He loves working with people and is good at what he does. He and many others like him, just do it.  Everyday.  And when the tread on the shoes gets thin,  off to the store to replace them….again.

And this is why I need to win the lottery. ♥

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8 Responses to Take a Walk in His Shoes ~

  1. That was a great post!
    Wow… If I had’t seen it with my own eyes, (good pictures) I wouldn’t believe that anyone would need a new pair of work shoes every couple of months, those shoes are heavy duty!

    My husband has a desk job… But its the same, he’s paid a salary and works a million hours for it. He even gets work related calls, while on vacation. Another thing that makes me mad is when he has to travel on Sunday to be at a Monday morning meeting far away (and no extra pay).
    Well in this day and age, I guess we’re lucky they have jobs…

    • The shoes. Ridiculous, huh!? I think companies take advantage even more so, when the economy worsens. The thinking that they have you over a barrel. That’s why it’s always good to have something tucked inside your back pocket. 😉 We can never get that lost time back, sadly. And I plain old just miss him. ♥

  2. rljaffe says:

    Amen sister! It’s so sad how working class folks get treated with such disrespect by a government that is supposed to work for them! My husbands boots look the same way Paula. We got us some good ones.

  3. Great post, Paula. I hope you win the lottery too, or at least get your dandelion puffer wish.

  4. Ha! Thanks Naomi….Since it was the GIANT dandelion….I’m thinking it might work! 😉

  5. Rhonda says:

    Paula? Completely and utterly relate-able. Husband is a manager for Home Depot…before that a manager for Lowe’s. His mile count is off the charts…his hours are ridiculous…he loves his job…i hate his job…(well, not really, but seriously?)…and shoe shopping is a ritual! Bless you both!

    • Oh, honey….I feel your pain! And totally agree with you, too! We will share our lottery winnings with you guys….then we will move to a warm island and go barefoot forever more! 😉 ♥ paula

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