Thursdays with Julie ~

I’m guessing many of you have probably read “Tuesdays with Morrie”?  Well, it is summertime, so I am blessed to enjoy “Thursdays with Julie“.  Have you read that one yet?  Um.  Probably not.  It is my own. Mine and Julie’s.  It is still being written.

Julie in grade school ~

The story has been shared before.  Our family moved to Tuttle, Oklahoma in 1966. I was a timid six years old walking into an unknown world.  My new teacher seated me next to another little girl “who just moved to town” two weeks prior.  We shared a desk.  Her name was Julie.

We grew up together in this town.  Bike riding, swimming, sunburns, school, sleepovers, Girl Scout Camp, band, football games, glee club, secret dances, boys, family, siblings, friends, church, draggin’ main, heartaches, despair, math difficulties, music lessons, Trixie Beldon, the drugstore.  This was our life together.  Sometimes I thought Julie knew me better than I knew myself.                                 Down time at an Amarillo, Texas Band Contest ~                                                                At Julie’s house ~

 Fast forward forty-something years.  Yep ~ a lot has happened between then and now.  Julie is a music teacher and extra busy during the school year.  So during the summer….we have our Thursdays.  No, we don’t go to lunch or meet for dinner.  We live several hundred miles apart.  Our “date” is on the phone each Thursday during the summer.  We catch up on life and our boys (Julie has three, me – two) and hubbys and hopes and dreams and disappointments and favorite places we like to eat and pinterest and how we’d like to go back to Colorado.                             Paula, Lauri and Julie ~ on Julie’s Wedding Day

 Sometimes, while we are talking, my mind drifts back to those days in Tuttle. Two little girls on the phone, our mothers telling us that we’ve been talking long enough.  What could we possibly have to chat about when we’d been with each other at school all day? This memory makes me smile.  I hope Julie can hear that in my voice.

The summers fly by quickly now….as do the “Thursdays with Julie.”  But I cherish every conversation.  Julie is blond and dingy and funny.  She is full of energy and quite the inspiration.  And did I mention how much she makes me laugh. Yes, well. This cannot be overstated!  We don’t agree on everything, but learned long ago to skip “those” topics. Julie is as stubborn as I am.  Maybe that’s why I love her so much?  Or could it be her salsa recipe?                 Paula, Julie and Lauri and our Tuttle class 50th birthday party~

HappY, HappY Birthday to you today, Julie.  I know you won’t see this for a couple of days since you are out “playing”, but I’ll tell ya about it ~ on Thursday.  I love you, friend ♥

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  1. Dottie Whitsitt says:


  2. renae says:

    Happy Birthday Julie, I can hear your laughter now… makes me smile♥♥♥

  3. beatrix mana says:


  4. Paula..what a sweet tribute to you friend…lucky to have that kind of friend! Ok, so I knew I liked you already, but today it was confirmed again. Trixie Beldon! No way…those were my favorite books as a kid and I read all 36 or 37 in the series. When I was pregnant I bought the first 17 that were written by the original author from online book sellers and re-read them. Then, I had a boy. Dang! I think I am going to have to do a post on them! 🙂 Anyway, just had to share that tidbit that we have in common 🙂 Ps…posting sunshine superstars today – thank you again for that! B

    • Kindred Spirits! That’s awesome! I still have some of mine….the old school early 70’s ones. Julie, my sis and I shared these all summer long. Hot muggy summers of reading in Oklahoma…..begging for a breeze. What a life. DO BLOG them! You RoCk! ♥

      • So this connection!! ♥ I am going to dig them out this weekend and come up with some kind of post, not sure yet, but I will think of something. I loaned out the first few to a little girl [since my son didn’t seem to have any interest..hmmm? ] and hopefully I can get them back from her 🙂 If not, I have all the others. I have great memories of reading them..can even remember the trips to the bookstore to buy the next one…. 🙂

      • Wow….you had bookstores?! Living in a small town…it’s why we ALL read Trixie Beldon! haha! I look forward to your post!

      • Yes…and I lived in a very small town growing up…like so small it was a BIG deal when we got a McDonald’s 🙂

      • McDonalds? Lucky you….our big deal was going to SEARS in Oklahoma City. It was like going to a mall today! lol!

      • So funny….that McDonald’s is lucky….

        Sounds like one of those. “you know you grew up in a small town, when…” stories!!

  5. Really sweet, Paula! You are lucky to have each other. HB to Julie!

  6. Nothing’s more dear than an old friendship. I treasure my childhood friends.

  7. robincoyle says:

    CLASSIC photos. I think I am in one of them.

  8. Grace says:

    It’s nice to have a friend like that. You’re both lucky to have each other.

  9. julie says:

    Oh, dear Friend…nothing better to receive for my birthday than the gift of your words…I am truly touched and maybe, just maybe a little weepy…that happens these days! I love you, my darling…thank you. Will talk to you later…on THURSDAY!

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