Welcome to Texas!

Our journey began in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We gradually made our way to the Norman Train Depot.  A very gloomy day would not be allowed to dampen our excitement for our travel! About four hours later, we were changing trains in Fort Worth, Texas.  The rain was coming down pretty good, and my head was down as I moved quickly toward the station to grab a sandwich before the next train.  And then, in the middle of the rain and rush of people, hubby stopped just ahead of me.  He looked to me as for help,  but I didn’t understand why.  He stepped right, so did she.  He stepped left, so did she.  At first glance I saw the cutest, friendliest woman ever ~ enduring the rain and welcoming all to Texas! Awesome.  So I grabbed my camera….yep…even in the crowd and the rain and folks now having to step around us….I had to get a picture of her!  Then I looked beyond her blue spectacles…..it was Julie!  My Julie!  And she had driven three hours, run a 5 K in the rain, then popped over to the station!  (and she came bearing gifts, too!) Who would go to this much time and trouble to surprise us?  That would be my Julie.  My friend since 1966.  And this is only part of why I love her so much! ♥

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34 Responses to Welcome to Texas!

  1. artsifrtsy says:

    That is so cool – what an awesome friend!

  2. Really nice pictures, and what a wonderful friend!

  3. Now thats a real friend and what a warm welcome to Texas!

  4. Sounds like you’re going to have fun with Julie!

  5. This is the kind of friend you wish to grow old with.. friends are life’s gifts to us.. lovely pictures too, full of joy.. I can almost hear your laughs 🙂

  6. julie b says:

    Love you guys…that was fun…will never forget poor Marvin’s face as he was trying to avoid being accosted by the crazy lady!!!!!

    • stuffitellmysister says:

      You went to so much trouble to get there….it was the best surprise EVER! THANK YOU ♥ Oh….and we are STILL laughing 🙂

  7. raisingdaisy says:

    What a wonderful friend! Love the photos, especially the one of the RR tracks. 🙂

  8. observetal says:

    Trains and friends… what a great combo!

  9. amb says:

    What a fabulous friend Julie is! Thanks for sharing the photos, I especially loved her blue glasses!

  10. oceannah says:

    what a gift to have a friend like Julie 🙂

  11. Yay!! I love seeing each bit from your trip…now I feel even more like I was there with you, beyond the conversation. Your friend Julie sounds like a perfect match for you – and that you’ve had each other all this time, THAT is heartwarming! I love it 🙂

  12. renea says:

    ((((hugs to Julie)))) love those shades! Norman has the best train depot and friendly folks.

  13. tchistorygal says:

    What fun to have such a good friend, and for so long. I am inviting you into my Circle of Appreciation, which I was told was NOT an award. It is a nice way to say thanks to the greatest 2 blogs you read every day for 22 days. I’m enjoying going back through my blog friends and appreciating things about them. Check out what I say about you http://wp.me/p2jC53-IB

    • stuffitellmysister says:

      Thanks so much for including me in your “circle”! I appreciate you, your comments and your blog! This is such a fun way to meet new bloggers! Your words are too kind ♥ 🙂

  14. Damien Wijerathne says:

    Beautiful photos..

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