Hubby Moments ~

Hubby bought me a camera a while back so that I could photograph more of our journey together.  I still have to mostly use it on automatic settings and I’m embarrassed to admit that.  But I will continue at learning.  And in the meantime, I have captured some fun life moments:

Like hubby surprising me with the sun.  Twice.  He says I am his sunshine. (awwwww)He had already “hung the moon” for me.He pushes the envelope with me. 😉  (please don’t tell me “don’t!)We get caught up in our adventures, until we hear a little bell.He loves our boys ~ ~He is awesome at his job.  Even though I know he is not appreciated for all he really does.  Not by them.  Probably not enough by me, either.  His tired feet will walk in tonight after a fifteen hour day.  He will kiss me, rub the dogs’ heads (or maybe the other way around if he’s EXTRA tired!), and then he will sit down at his laptop.  He will read this.  He always does.  And he will say, “I like your blog today, Sunshine.”And I am hoping that my response will be, “Honey, we won the lottery!”

Thanks for being a wonderful daddy to our boys, dear. I love you ♥ Happy Father’s Day. ♥

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25 Responses to Hubby Moments ~

  1. beatrix mana says:

    That was an extra special post,very creative. Hope you all have a great weekend.

  2. Dottie Whitsitt says:

    So Sweet!! You have made some “awesome” pictures!! Your Hubby sounds like a keeper!! Beautiful Family!! Wishing your Hubby and all the Dads a Happy Fathers Day!! 🙂

  3. I feel doubly blessed to have had the best father a girl could wish for…and then to have a father for our three children who was strong, dependable and loving. These guys deserve big hugs and maybe a big juicy berry cobbler tomorrow. My best wishes to your sweetie.

  4. Paula…what a sweet post and a great photo of you and your guy! I love the sun he bought for you fence!

  5. Paula ,
    What a lovely post for your hubby, I’m am always so happy for my friends who have met Mr. RIght early in life and been able to raise a family with a good man! That is truly such a blessing..
    Have a great Fathers Day!


  6. Good post, Paula, and really great pictures. Happy Father’s Day to your hubby!
    Have a good weekend…Shasta

  7. GMBlaxton says:

    Love my Dad.

  8. renae says:

    🙂 Happy Dad’s Day to YOU!

  9. marvin says:

    I like your blog today Sunshine!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  11. Ahh… That was so sweet, you’re very lucky.
    pss… I can’t figure out my camera either, but don’t tell anyone.

  12. russtowne says:

    Beautiful. Hubby and you are lucky indeed!

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