HaPPy Father’s Day ~

My dad & mom and both sets of grandparents ~

I have shared before about my dad.  ( see Happy Birthday Dad ) He is awesome and wise and stubborn.  He loves watermelon and fresh tomatoes and peaches. (all with salt…so that’s where I got it!)  He has served his country. He has provided and cared for his family.  He flies his American flag every day. He makes us laugh. He is my dad.  Thanks, dad ~Happy Father’s Day to my dad~ ♥  And to my Hubby & Steve & John G. & all the other great dads out there! Keep setting an example.  You make a difference every day.  Enjoy your special day!

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4 Responses to HaPPy Father’s Day ~

  1. julieb says:

    Happy Father’s Day to the “other” Daddy that (for better or worse, your call!) helped raise this Chicky…hope your day is awesome…j

  2. Wonderful photos! Great post.

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