Heads UP!

Have you ever had something on you mind so much so, that you have to ponder on it for weeks trying to figure out how to even begin to express it?  I have been in that place for a while now.  And then over the weekend, I saw two different posts about how disrespectful teenagers are because they are always texting……It is NOT just teenagers, people!  But it is disrespectful.

Our first cell phone was a GINOURMOUS bag phone.  We were traveling often and wanted it for emergency purposes.  Boy have we come a  L O N G  way!  (who else had one of these?)

Cell phones are tiny in comparison now.  MUCH cheaper and so convenient.  Just about everyone has one.  You even see younger children with cell phones.  But we seem to have no cell phone etiquette.  Who is teaching cell phone etiquette?!?!  I think we know the answer to that question.

As I drive down the road, I see people cross center line repeatedly…..yep they are either texting or on their cell phone.  When I take a walk through my neighborhood I see mommies pushing their sweet babies in strollers.  No head nod or eye contact is made, they are texting.  I sit in a waiting room filled with people and no one is acknowledging the other and that’s not always a bad thing, their heads are bowed as if to pray,  yet I seriously doubt that they are speaking to the Lord.

Texting, surfing the net.  Yes, it is convenient in its proper place.  What bothers me more than anything, is that the people doing it have no idea that they are missing out on the good “life” stuff!  Teaching opportunities and heart-felt talks with their children; meeting a new acquaintance; helping someone in need; taking a moment just to relax and breathe and take it all in.  You are missing it people!  Your head is buried (!)  and you don’t even know it……sigh ~

If you want respect.  Teach respect.  Set an example.  Set boundaries, even for yourself. If you ignore your babies now, you are setting the standard for them.  You are skipping “real” life by having your head down.

Technology is not the one to blame.  Neither are the teenagers….


(and please, please…..Don’t text and drive……I have a bum knee because someone did…Head’s UP, people!)  To be nice to people, ya gotta see em!  😉  HaPPy Monday ~ thanks for letting me vent….♥

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16 Responses to Heads UP!

  1. GREAT post…so well said. And while the topic is not humorous, that phone is, and I had one! It was my first phone and I kept it in my trunk, ‘just for emergencies’! Ha! I was JUST telling some ‘young folks’ { I am sure they were half my age because mid-forties seemed a bit beyond them…sigh } about having this kind of phone and they seemed kind of amazed! So, to see your post today just made me laugh out loud!

    And yes, I have to ponder things for weeks too sometimes!

    Good pondering Paula…and so sorry about your knee. I am a texter, yes, but NOT when I am driving!! Or when life is happening 🙂

    • ha! that phone was a beast! lol! there was so much more that could have been said. but I didn’t want to rant too much… I was hoping others would! thanks for reading and remembering “the beast” with me! 😉

  2. I know only too well what you mean about pondering over posts and I agree 100% about texting! It’s crazy!

  3. I’m right there with ya, sister! I’m going to scream this everywhere today. It’s a pet peeve of mine too. And, oh yes, I had a bag phone just like that. I remember thinking that I was so cool, haha.


  4. Kathy Caldwell says:

    The bag phone is another of the things “back in the day” that we thought we were right on top of technology when we got it. Now if your phone is bigger than a pencil you are so far behind. Arkansas has passed the no texting and driving law, but of course so many do it anyway. The law is also if driver is under 18 they cannot be talking on cellphone and driving.

    Paula as always I love your post you keep me thinking and pondering……

    • It is sad that our government has to step in on what should be common sense. But then we could go crazy with that one, couldn’t we? (drinking & driving, drugs, driving sleepy) Thanks, Kathy, for reading. Your input is always appreciated! 😉

  5. Jeannette Wynne says:

    In California we have a law that says no talking/ texting on cell phones while driving…has it stopped it? NO, I see it every day! I guess until a few more people are maimed or killed? This is one of the more serious side effects. Just cell phone use in general has gotten way out of control.I love my cell phone and it’s a great tool, but am respectful with it when around other people. Thanks for a timely post.

    • I agree. I will not talk on my phone when checking out at a store, etc. Again…it is about respect to the other person. Oh…and I hate call waiting, too! lol! Thanks for reading. Hope your week goes well, Jeannette! 😉

  6. Beth says:

    Yeah, we used to have the “brick” cell phone. It was huge!
    Amen to all of your other comments. =)
    It is a bit annoying to see people so preoccupied with their cell phones.

  7. Agreed. There are times when it’s great and convenient and other times when it’s dangerous and rude. I hate when you’re at a table with people and can’t have a conversation with them because they’re continuously texting! Etiquette definitely needs to be taught!

  8. People who text and drive are as dangerous as drunk drivers. It is very scary, because they just don’t get it and probably won’t until an innocent bystander gets killed.

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