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I went to church four times last week, but I never stepped into a church. How did I do that?

No, it’s not one of those logic riddles where the answer is some obscure at first, and then ever so obvious, detail that just leaves you feeling obtuse.

I grew up in a family with a strong faith and a particular religion, it was just who we were. I embraced this all through my teens and young adult years, but then there came a time when I began to question it all. I struggled – still struggle – with the rituals and rules, the politics and practices of this religion. It’s been ten or more years now, that I’ve tried to figure it out; find my own balance with losing my religion and finding my own brand of faith.  There are people I know who have gone on ‘church safaris’…

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  1. You are amazing my friend, the one who is too kind! thanks for sharing and appreciating. Your post earlier this week just hit home with me and have been pondering it all along. Thank you!!

  2. How beautiful! We, as an elderly couple, have also learned that you don’t have to be inside the walls of a church to find the heart of God. He and His beautiful creations are available for all to enjoy. We are surrounded by blessings, if we just take the time out of our busy lives to be still, listen to His voice, and look at the beauty He has provided for us. Thanks for these thoughts today.

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