The Cross

As I was cleaning the house the other day, I picked up my cross necklace to put it away and my little Sugar dog was very interested.  She needed to sniff it.  I held it down to her and said, “It’s just a necklace.” yes, I DO talk to our dogs!  Then I began to think about what the cross represents to me.  It’s symbolism has changed over the years.  I think growing up, it was all about “the church” and “the people” of the church.  Being expected to do whatever was asked of you. 

Now I look at this cross.  It represents so much more than it used to.  It is about my faith.  My belief in my God. My independence.  My heart being lead to help those in need  has nothing to do with “the church”.

When I think of the church, I think of religion.  This is not a revered word to my lips.  In the name of “religion”, countries fight countries; men kill men; brothers fight brothers.  Yet it is history.  It is our present.  One can try to escape it, but there seems to be no denying it exists.

So I study my little black and silver cross and all it represents to me.  Prayer. Pain. Sacrifice.  Gratefulness.  Hope.  Peace.

Thank you, my little Sugar dog, for this reminder of His love. You are right, it is more than just a necklace ~

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22 Responses to The Cross

  1. Dottie Whitsitt says:

    All I can say Paula is that is a Beautiful story that represents what a Beautiful person you are!! I am so honored to call you my Friend!! Have a wonderful and Blessed week 🙂

  2. Joanna says:

    In a fit of spiritual disillusionment a few years ago, I tossed my cross necklace in the bottom of the jewelry box determined to never let it again see the light of day. Thank you and Sugar for inspiring me to re-evaluate its value to my heart and soul.

  3. Sandy says:

    Along those lines, you might well enjoy the Jim Kraus book The Dog That Talked to God. It’s a light read that will give you cause to reevaluate YOUR faith. On the other hand, I ASSURE you that you WILL spend WAY too much time encouraging YOUR dog to ALSO talk. So far NO LUCK on that front.

    Thank you for your blog. PLEASE PRAY FOR ROSALIE brought me here. She is our cousin’s Granddaughter. Thank you for mentioning that wonderful family, and remembering them in your prayers. Such FAITH!

    • I appreciate your reading my blog, Sandy. And thanks for the book recommendation, too. I will have to check that out! (love to read!)

      Sweet Rosalie, we continue to pray for her and her family ♥

  4. You put together some deep thoughts on the meaning of the Cross. If we were on the battle field and wounded, we would be more than happy to see the big red cross on the helicopters heading our way. When I see some unsavory looking characters with a cross on a chain around their necks or tattoos of a cross, I wonder what the symbolizes for them. It really shouldn’t be a fashion statement, but I also have some really pretty crosses with jewels in them and when I wear them I’m not thinking about the crucifixion of Christ as much as “does it go with my outfit?”‘ It should be worn with a little prayer of thanksgiving. Something to ponder.

  5. mimijk says:

    There’s nothing like a conversation wiith our pups to remind us of the essential parts of our souls..I really believe that, for their love is quintessentially dare I say the spirituality of love itself..

  6. Beautiful my friend…and have we used the word kindred yet? Yes, of course we have…and I will again. Your cross represents the best of it, the way we should connect and be with, for and towards each other in all ways. Give Sugar a little pat on the belly for me…good dog! And you took inspiration and ran with it! But, I am not going to rub your belly! 🙂

  7. rljaffe says:

    I love your musings my friend. Amen and amen!

  8. Very beautifully put 🙂

  9. anawrock says: I think this is a cool video. We watched it in one of my college courses last year. I don’t necessarily agree with it as I am catholic and do like the church but it makes a lot of good points and is really well shot. Let me know what you think.

  10. A lovely post Paula 🙂 and don’t worry I talk to my dogs too…

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