May the Force Be With You ~

Hubby is working ridiculous hours 70 plus right now as he has a co-manager loaned out.  Working six days a week on your feet is no carnival for anyone.  Hubby’s attitude remains pretty good under the circumstances. better than mine! I just know it is not healthy for him physically or mentally to do this for long.  I will continue to sing to my now grown boys, “Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be retail managers.”

THANK GOD, and I say this with sincerity from my heart, that his store is closed on Sundays!  So on this day of rest, yesterday, we decided to get out of the house before it got too hot (100 F), have some breakfast and go to the Tulsa Home and Garden Show.  We accomplished all of these things and as we were driving home (and now it is reading 108 F) I mention that we will be passing Pancho Anaya Bakery.  Hubby says, “That sounds good, we’ll stop.” But I say, “No, we are eating healthy now, I was just throwing that out there to test us.  You are supposed to be the strong one to say we better not.”  Suddenly, another force took over the car.  Maybe it was the heat?

And $8.99 later, we had a bag FULL of goodies, 2 REAL cokes with sugar not corn syrup, AND wheat tortillas for dinner.

We decided when hubby DOES have a day off, why not make it a holiday?

Back to the real world today.  But there is a bit of sugary goodness left over on the counter.  I think I may have to have one with my morning smoothie ~  🙂

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27 Responses to May the Force Be With You ~

  1. renae says:

    YUM!!! i know a little about those long weeks for hubby too…..but some never “really” close for that day off 🙂 glad you enjoyed your day out, sounds relaxing and sweet!

  2. You wicket people! Just what we do on the road 😉

  3. rljaffe says:

    Oh…darn….the car had a mind of it’s own! lol

  4. We had a similar experience, except is was with Mason’s Nut House.
    Clint always says, right after we drive by, “Do you want to stop at the nut house?” It really is kind of an ongoing joke, kind of like, “Do you want some cheese?” (long story and I will have to post on it some day).
    Anyway, one day last week, he asked me well before we got there and I said, “Sure.”
    I didn’t know they had so many different kinds of nuts; or so many different kinds of nut candies! But we resisted and left without a purchase – I guess the force was with us that day. 🙂

  5. Oh, I how my mother and I love real coke, it tastes so different (and far better) in glass as opposed to the plastic bottles it’s now in!

  6. What a delicious holiday…in more ways than one! Sorry your man has to log so many hours, that’s just wrong. My husband often works 6 days/week, so once again we are in solidarity. Glad you could sneak away for the day and TREAT yourselves!! A real coke…yes, ma’am!

  7. mindfuldiary says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! 😀

  8. Don’t you s’pose God wants His children to enjoy all He has created…and didn’t He create sugar cane? Besides you were just celebrating your hubby having a day off. I say “go with God, and don’t go with guilt!”

    • And that’s just what we did, Delores! And 25 minutes on the bike so far today 🙂

      That reminds me of when I a little girl. My grandpa would make trips to the border and bring back a truckload of sugar cane. He would cut off a chunk for me to chew on and I thought it was the most wonderful thing ever! Esp when I could take to school to share. There go those memories again! 🙂

  9. tchistorygal says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more! My husband’s been there, done that, and I’m so glad he doesn’t now. Enjoy your day off!

  10. Sugar is a strong force (boy do I know this)
    I hope work soon lets up on your Hubby, and I pray it cools down soon for you folks 🙂

    • I saw a post yesterday that said “satan called, he wants his weather back.” That about wraps it up! Lots of fires and dead crops and cracked earth. In the winter we beg for a high pressure system. But right now, we need this one to go away! 🙂

  11. Rhonda says:

    Definitely relate Paula. And see not end in sight! Ugh.
    Good for you guys, taking off and treating yourselves to a little holiday time. My brother in OKC keeps posting photos of his thermometer and whining about the heat. Him, I tease….You I feel sorry for. Prayers for a damn break! And some longs days of steady rain. ( I know, but it’s a prayer not a demand…He may listen).

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