The Bowling Ball Man

When I remember to charge my camera battery AND don’t forget to grab the sd card, I love to snap pics on our journeys to where ever.  I also (and I think this comes from living on or near Route 66 most of my life) love to watch for “novelty” signs along the way.  If there happens to be a fruit stand, a giant teepee or a winery, I must follow the crazy signs through the boonies until we find the place.  We did some of these wild goose chases last week on hubby’s time off. yes, he is a good sport about this!  Sometimes, when you chase rabbits, it can change your life for that moment.  Other times, forever.  This day ~ our chase left us in awe at the hard work and imagination of this creator.  We also laughed.  A. Lot.  And that’s what made the journey worth while ~ Kudos to Chris Barbee for sharing his art with those willing to drive that extra mile.  And to my friend Julie B, well I thought of you with every pic I snapped! 🙂  HaPPy MoNdAy!

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40 Responses to The Bowling Ball Man

  1. I didn’t realize that you live near my dad. He’s in Lockwood, Missouri. Last time I visited, we spent some time on Route 66. There’s a beautiful, old, abandoned gas station that I justmloved. Great photos!

    • I’m not exactly sure where Lockwood is, but I will look it up! We are in OK now, but while in Missouri…our 100 yr old home was right on the historic route 66. Love it….always classic stuff to see! Thanks a bunch!

  2. What wonderful ideas he has!

  3. mimijk says:

    Awesome pictures…and my husband (the happy bowler) just stared over my shoulder marveling at each photo!! 🙂

  4. Wow, that is a lot of bowling balls! I have a friend who has a bowling pro shop (he is the same guy who sent me two balls in the mail and is sending 8 more!). I will have to repost this one, if I can figure out how! Thanks for the great road trip. I live vicariously through yours!

  5. BTW, where was this located?

  6. Only in America, I LOVE it!

  7. CYHML? That’s my version of LOL….can you hear me laughing??? This is great – love love love the photos and you are RIGHT so worth the extra effort to follow that rabbit! What an imagination and sense of humor that guy has! I am sooo glad you are ‘in my car’ on my road trip…I know we’d find all kinds of amazing things! The comments along the way down to find the comment box are great too! 🙂 xo

  8. Reblogged this on Through The Lens and commented:
    I love reading Stuff My Sister Tells Me, it makes me feel like this is my childhood, my adventure, my road trip . . . Paula’s latest road trip took me to my own repurposing adventures with bowling balls. I have started creating garden gazing balls with these durable castoffs; so naturally, I fell in love with her adventure. Plus, this gave me tons of new ideas to do with these heavy and lasting old balls. I was never a good bowler (cross-eyed and hand/eye coordination doesn’t bode well together), but my parents were avid bowlers. We had more trophies than balls, so I didn’t discover what a treasure these old things were until much later in life!
    I hope you enjoy The Bowling Ball Man

  9. You are such a great photographer… what an eye you have… just loved the photos…

    How clever was the artist as well… just awesome!!!! =)


  10. Well this blog “was right down my alley”, if you get my drift. My husband paid 50 cents for a bowling ball at a garage sale…brought it home and I went to the store and bought “Goop” (glue) and covered it with pennies from the bank. It sits by the front door and quite a thing of interest. The first kid that decides to steal it off the porch (however the coins won’t come off) and tries to lift it ,will end up with a hernia. Just one more thing you can do with an old bowling ball.

  11. Wow, that’s brilliant! If I ever do my road trip, I’m gonna have to go see this guy!

  12. What fun! I love the whimsy of this art. 🙂 Thx for stopping by my blog *and* for following!! Lori

  13. bucketdave says:

    I wonder what makes one person say “yup, that’s a bowling ball,” and move on, and another person say, “wow, that bowling ball would look great as part of an American flag!”?

  14. Nice slice of rural America. Beautiful photos.

    And thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. julie b says:

    Oh, man…I am laughing so hard I’m spelling it out instead of LOL’ing!!!! This man is my soul mate…sorry Wayne! Just now getting to this, because I was doing you know what this week…glad I didn’t see it before though ’cause I needed this RIGHT NOW!!!! I’ve got to go there! Love ya, Chicky…you’ve just made my day!

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