Shooting the Moon ~

Have you ever shot the moon?  Well if you visit my folks for very long at all, you will have the opportunity.  They love to gather family and friends ’round their table for a game of dominoes.  The real challenge is Shooting the Moon.  I am not a domino player, but I did shoot the moon once.  Beginner’s luck, me thinks.

Last night, after a walk with hubby, we plopped in our old metal chair rockers on the front porch.  We hadn’t sat there long before I was being buzzed by a honey bee. at least it wasn’t a hornet! And then another.  I followed the trail and discovered their attraction.  My moon flowers .  With cooler morning and evening temps, this plant is in full bloom once again.  I had to grab my camera and “shoot” the moon flowers.  Which lead to a couple of other shots.  All from our front porch. 

So happy cooler evenings to you.  And here’s to shooting the moon, wherever you may be! ♥  Go for it.  Take the risk.  It’ll be worth it. ♥  Cheers~

p.s.  While on this subject.  A terrific Oklahoma author, Billie Letts, wrote a book called, “Shoot the Moon.” I had ordered a different book through the mail, and the sender put this one in too, just because.  What a treat ~

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32 Responses to Shooting the Moon ~

  1. nanc says:

    I’ve shot the moon in hearts and in pitch, but never dominoes 🙂 And I’ve shot *plenty* of Blue Moon’s in my day, especially at Coors Field in Denver (back when I had season tix to the Rockies games)…

  2. nanc says:

    Ack! That is “Blue Moons.” Sorry for the stray apostrophe, I knew I should have spayed/neutered 😉

  3. Hi Paula, I love the play on words.

  4. Love it! I must say that I am glad there are no images of moon in the verb tense 🙂
    That shot of the crescent moon is great! We love playing games, and we might have to check out the domino game sometime!
    🙂 me

  5. Your beautiful shot of the crescent moon looks like a counted cross stitch pillow I’m making for Halloween. The pattern shows the crescent moon hanging in the sky, with a mean looking witching sitting on it and the script says,
    “The Witch Is In” Some days, old hubby could agree with that!

  6. alundeberg says:

    I’ve never seen a moon flower before, but plenty of Blue Moons– but never in a blue moon. You’re decision to follow me sent me over the moon…. Thank you!

  7. Hmmm… Blue Moon beer… yummy… that’s a mean thing to show someone on a diet!! 😛

  8. Rhonda says:

    Blue moon
    You knew just what I was there for (to drink you)
    You heard me saying a prayer for (an ice cold one)
    Someone I really could care for (never drink alone, invite an orange slice)

    Great photos Paula…LOVE the moon flower and the bees. Awesome. And don’t you just love when a moon shot comes out? It’s gorgeous woman!

    • Thanks for the “song”! One that hubby sang to me when we were dating many “moons” ago! I especially liked that the moon was hanging out over the lake in our view….and I didn’t have to search for it. After our walk….I was a lazy one! 🙂 ♥ ty!

  9. What beautiful pictures! Love the flowers, they’re gorgeous!

  10. Nice! And just in time for the full moon next week.

  11. Cara Olsen says:

    These are terrific. The life literally buzzing in those first few blew me away. And how you managed to capture the moon, my goodness, what a wonderful feat!

    Oh, and I love me some Blue Moon. 😉

  12. amb says:

    I’ve never seen moon flowers before, and now I think I might just have to go out and plant some! Such gorgeous photos, thanks so much for sharing them!

  13. I’ve never heard of Moon flowers, but they’re beautiful. Glad to hear your finally getting a heat break 🙂

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