To Make You Smile….from Red Dirt Kelly ♥

This post is just too great not to share. Some laughs and possibly reflections for your Friday. Thank you to my sweet friend, Kelly (RED DIRT KELLY!) for sharing these memories and giggles. And to you, Kelly, I would say….don’t wait until you are 80 for that park bench meeting ♥ (I thought of my son as I read this! oh my!)

Red Dirt Kelly

Somewhere over the Arkansas-Louisiana border at 40,000 feet I was startled out of my daydreaming state by an announcement coming over the cabin microphone: “Kelly from Edmond? Would you please turn on your call light?”

“Cripes,” I thought to myself.  Then I said it aloud. “Cripes!  I probably dropped my wallet or something.”  I was talking half to myself and half to an OSU student I had met who had lots of questions about flying.  She was sitting across the aisle from me grinning.  “Um…” I started.  Then I made eye contact with the flight attendant who was standing in the first class section and waved weakly.  “Here I am…”  My voice trailed off.  I felt like a child.

The flight attendant saw me, smiled way bigger than should have fit a wallet-losing scenario, and began making her way down the aisle.  When she reached me, she held out her hand and…

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8 Responses to To Make You Smile….from Red Dirt Kelly ♥

  1. tchistorygal says:

    Better than fiction! Your friend has the patience of Job. None of my K-4th graders EVER got themselves into THAT much mischief. When I was a teen, some of my friends thought it would be funny to pick up and turn my mom’s VW around so that it was parked, nose to tail, between two huge pine trees, the width of the car. I think my mom just laughed and told them to turn it back around. I know we left the skating rink that night only a little later than usual. Amazing how much teen-age boys can think up and actually do. I actually posted this also to your friend, but it may have gone into spam. Nonetheless, thanks for sharing. It was great!

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