Keys to Success (an awesome Saturday reblog!)

I started to e-mail this blog to friends and then thought “WAIT….I need to share this with ALL of my friends!” So it is short, but oh so sweet. Those keys in your pocket could change your way of thinking! 🙂 HappY Saturday!

Ideas for success


Keys to success:

Decide what you want in life
(What would you do with your life if you knew you couldn’t fail )
Think about what you do well
Clarify your values
Set goals (don’t be afraid to set high goals)
Believe you can reach your goals
Find other people to work with
Be disciplined and persistent
Enjoy your work, work hard
Never, never give up

A key or set of keys can be the key to success. Many people put their keys in their pocket or purse in the morning and take them out to start their car, unlock their house, possibly other things. Many people take them out of their pocket before bed.

When you touch your key, remember to be thankful for whatever that key unlocks. Take your apartment or house for example. Even if it is not exactly what you want, you can still be…

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7 Responses to Keys to Success (an awesome Saturday reblog!)

  1. Rhonda says:

    Great Advice! A whole new way to look at what’s on our keychains. Thanks Paula…

  2. What a great way to be mindful of all that we do have! I am glad you reblogged this! xo

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