Entertainment by Truck

Hubby had a few days off, so we hit the road for a mini-trip. We found friends along the route. 😉

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby



Yes I DID want to flag them down!

Disaster Team from Moore, Oklahoma

Disaster Team from Moore, Oklahoma

We visited with this group at the rest stop.  They were New York bound for a relief effort.  God Bless em ♥

Our Most Valuable Resource ~ LOVE THIS!

Our Most Valuable Resource ~ LOVE THIS!

Wouldn’t it be great if more companies felt this way about their people?!

So Show Me!

So Show Me!

AND we made it to the Show-Me state of Missouri. Have a great “rest of the week”!
Remember to be nice to people….we never know what they may be going through ♥

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46 Responses to Entertainment by Truck

  1. bulldog says:

    The signs on vehicles can be very entertaining… one I will never forget for as long as I live… I was following a truck and horse trailler, the horses tail was hang out the back… on the horse box was the following sign..”You sit on my tail and I’ll sh..t on your bonnet!” that just appealed to my sense of humour and I naturally pulled back from the back of the vehicle…

  2. What a clever post! Rich and I are both on the interstate all the time, and I know I see trucks that make me smile, but I never thought to show anyone. These are good, Paula! When we used to pass the semis for the company Rich used to work for, we would always salute. 🙂

    Bulldog mentioned a horse trailer. We were following a horse trailer once as a family, and you could see the horses’ behinds as we followed. My brother yelled, “Hey look! That’s what Dad calls us when he’s mad at us!” … Dad laughed. 🙂

    • Well now you understand my attention span in the car! No wonder hubby bought me a zoom lens. (She’ll snap pics and quit singing!?)

      Cute story about your bubba and the horse. The things that stick in our mind forever! 😉

  3. So many wonderful sights on the road!

  4. Paula, I just love your perspective on road trips! That was fun. Boy do I have a lot of catching up to do. Had two months worth of word press in my spam folder.

  5. Love those trucks! and also that part of the country!

  6. Paula – You had me with the title of the blog. The pictures are great and you’ve lined them up to give us a wonderful story.

  7. Fun trucks! Great way to document a road trip.

  8. Bonnie says:

    What a great post PSB! And even greater that you and Hubby got away for a few days. I love the ‘lens’ you applied to your travels…of the trucks. I would have wanted to flag down that candy truck too! Happy Trails to you! xox

  9. There’s always something entertaining to see on a road trip. Thanks for sharing.

  10. As kids we used to madly wave at truckers on family road trips. I thought they were so cool and then Smokey and the Bandit came out and I wanted to be a trucker with an ape! I outgrew that LOL!

  11. adinparadise says:

    Love those trucks and that last quote, especially.:)

  12. artsifrtsy says:

    I date a log truck driver for a while. He was a rufus, but I did love driving that truck. What a fun game, very entertaining. Hope you are having a great trip!

  13. I have cousins in Missouri, but this post is the closest I’ve ever been 😉

  14. ly says:

    How is Joplin doing? I just read an article in a knitting magazine about a 9 year old knitter who knitted lots of stuffed elephants for the people of Joplin and her mother took her there to hand out a little relief. That was what she could do–that’s what counts!

    • She is one of my “likes” on my fb page! Amazing. Joplin is strong and rebounding. I see huge “positive” changes each time we visit. Still, I cannot help but feel sad when I walk into the rebuilt stores and know that life was lost there. This is part of how I know Joplin folks are strong. They move forward! 😉

  15. What great trucks! I love to read the panels when I’m driving nearby! Looks like a fun trip! 🙂

  16. I love seeing some of the cool trucks and vehicles on road trips. I hope when they say their most valuable resource is 63 feet ahead, they don’t mean the engine. 🙂

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