Out for a little drive on Sunday, hubby noticed this “embellished” realtor sign just off of the highway. Prank? Vandalism? Ticked off? It was painted on both sides, as neatly as one can paint with spray paint. But regardless, it was obvious no one had contacted the realtor to inform them of their defaced sign.  So I did.  Right after I snapped a shot. liar  SIGN017

Hope your day is a good one. Be nice to people. ♥ You never know what they may be dealing with today.

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18 Responses to Liars?

  1. It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths people will go to in order to cause hardship to others.

  2. I like your comment about being nice to people. It’s so true that we don’t always know what they may be dealing with already.

  3. If your realtors are anything like our estate agents, then the embellishment could have some truth to it 😉

  4. Great message today, love your blog a bunch.

  5. ly says:

    Interesting, especially since I’m trying to sell my house. Don’t think I’ve felt like doing anything that drastic–but close.

  6. You are very considerate – good for you! and I agree with your comment about being nice to people. 🙂

  7. I imagine there’s quite a backstory, but there’s no excuse for defacing property…even a sign!

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