Use Time ~ Don’t Lose It!

This has been the week in our fair state of Oklahoma, as in the majority of the states, of time change.  The dreaded “Spring Forward”and losing an hour.  As you can already tell, it doesn’t set well by me.  This occurred last Sunday morning….here it is Thursday I think and I’m just now posting ANYTHING.  No, I’m not so naive as to blame everything on this one hour change…..but my days certainly are going by quickly and without everything on my “list” getting done.  It seems rather than losing just an hour, I have lost days.

But alas!  I shall roll with this one, too!  For I have been reminded this week, of how fragile life is…..that a little kindness can go a long way….and that our souls are greatly rewarded when we take the time to hold a hand, simply listen, and sing some old hymns. ♥

Here are a few pics shot along the way this week…..through the window, of course~

My favorite I-44 hill!

My favorite I-44 hill!

Neosho, Missouri

Neosho, Missouri

Neosho, Missouri

Neosho, Missouri


Here’s to a good day, people!  Don’t lose any time….instead USE it!

♥ Life is Short, Peace is Sweet ♥

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28 Responses to Use Time ~ Don’t Lose It!

  1. what so lovely photos. I just love the way you shot them. Thank you for sharing

  2. bulldog says:

    Oh these are good photos… your changing time would confuse my body clock something terrible…

  3. Thanks for the reminder. It’s so easy to let time slip away.

  4. sterlingsop says:

    Great photos – I especially love the one of the road going downhill. My inner child jumped and shouted “squeeeee!!” as it imagined itself on a pair of roller skates whizzing down it! (I’ve just revealed my age haven’t I? Haha!)

  5. sandraconner says:

    Hi, Paula. I just hopped over to say thank you for following my blog, and I had to stop and read this article. I really enjoyed it — and I do love that photo of the city street in Neosho. Fantastic! I love towns that are built into the hills, don’t you?

  6. Sage advice and as always, great photos – love that 2nd one!

  7. Awesome photos! I love more daylight, but we sure don’t feel it on these cloudy days.

  8. Wonderful pictures as always, Paula. 🙂 I especially like the first one. The slope of the hill with the lighting is really beautiful. I am completely messed up by the time change. If I was up late at night before, I am up even later now – and sleeping in later. I must break this cycle and regain my routine. Soon!

  9. Ah… But the change of time means that longer days are soon ahead for you.. and then soon it will be summer.

  10. ly says:

    Neosho looks like a 1000 piece puzzle picture. I too hate the time change and I am absolutely blaming every crazy thing that happened–or didn’t happen–on the lost hour. Is there a petition somewhere we can sign to get rid of this nonsense?

    • Well I never would have thought of the puzzle pic until NOW and it certainly does! You are too clever!

      As for the petition….Missouri had introduced a bill and if asking other states to join them. Hubby was just reading an article to me yesterday (as I was still fussing 😉 ) OR we move to Arizona! 😉

      • ly says:

        Will be checking out how Georgia can get on board or I’ll see ya when we get to Arizona!! And, you are not alone–I’m still fussin’, too.

  11. tchistorygal says:

    For some reason the photos didn’t show up on my computer, and when I clicked on them they were not there and an error message was. ??? Same with the last post. The rest of them have been fine. I do hate to spring forward, though, however, I much prefer daylight savings time to regular. I wish we just saved daylight all the time. I need all of it I can get! 🙂

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